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Opus Gaming
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Unlike with the standard Baccarat version, where the casino will take 5% commission on every successfully settled Banker bet, No Commission Baccarat variant allows the players to keep the entire winning amount intact. The removal of the commission did not affect the payout table for the three main bets, keeping the even pay for Banker and Player, as well as 8:1 rate for the tie bet.

In their own version of fee-free Baccarat, Opus went even further in changing the dynamics of the game, offering a significantly higher wining potential through several side bets: Big/Small, Player/Banker Dragon Bonus, Player/Banker Pair and Super 6.

How to Play Opus Gaming Live No Commission Baccarat Online

Before the initial cards are drawn, the player will need to submit the first wager, betting on Player, Banker or Tie. Bonus bets can be ignored as they are completely independent from the main bets. In Opus version of No Commission Baccarat, the detailed information about the Dragon Bets can be found in a pop up table attached to each of the two options.

Once you drag your chips and place them on the selected betting area, the dealer will start the session and place two cards on Banker and two cards on Player Position, followed by the third card for either Player or Banker, if the game rules call for it. Virtual cards and results of each hand will be displayed on the screen, read out loud and recorded under game history, which the player can access at all times without interrupting the game.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Software that enables multi-tables to be launched at the same time
  • Personal betting history with the detailed info on your previous wagers
  • Advanced video & audio settings with an option of completely turning off sound and video
  • 5 separate game score boards recording results of previous sessions
  • Multi language chat support and video replay option

Our Verdict

Opus Gaming offers a highly sophisticated platform for all of their Live Dealer table games and playing on one of their studio tables is always a treat. Thanks to the professional and refined dealers, No Commission Baccarat provides an authentic experience which can be further customized according to your own taste.

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up to
$100 Bonus
18+ T&C Apply

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