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5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live 3-Card Poker

Top Live 3-Card Poker TipsThis game was invented in 1994, so it’s safe to say that it is a relatively new casino game, considering how some of the casino games have even ancient roots. Despite that, 3-Card Poker is fast becoming a popular live game across live casinos. Just like some other new poker-derived games, 3-Card Poker too is a game where the pressure from playing against other players is relieved, because all you do is compete against the house.

Find an Optimal Strategy

Don’t get distracted by the fact that 3-Card Poker is a simple and easy game to play. That is true nevertheless, but still, your goal is to win no matter how easy the game is, and the best way to win is to find an optimal strategy and avoid playing at random. Just as with all casino games, winning is not going to be always easy. But you will find that correct strategies will make you last as longest as possible.

The Best Hand to Raise

Raise in ante and play whenever you are dealt a queen, a six and a four (or greater). This is the borderline hand, anything lower just fold and wait for the next hand. Since the dealer needs a queen or greater to qualify and the hands are scored according to the highest card then the next highest card and finally the last card, this combination of cards will give you the greatest chances of winning and the lowest rate of losing.

Avoid Playing the Side Bets

Side bets are fine to play only if you have a large bankroll and luck on your side. Apart from that, side bets are there to make a profit to the live casino. These are the ones that make the money because they have a higher house edge. The payouts for side bets are huge, for example, if you hit Mini Royal with the Pairs Plus side bet, you are paid 100 to 1. However, if you are serious in surviving the game and maintaining a healthy bankroll, don’t play them.

Place 100% of Your Total Bet on the Ante

If you are adamant on making the Pair Plus side bet, and want to have the lowest house edge at the same time, bet the same amount on the side bet as the one for the ante. But, as said above the best strategy is to avoid the temptation to make the side bets or only if you can afford. If you do don’t play it regularly, you won’t come ahead in the long run.

It’s Not Smart to Play Blind

Many inexperienced live 3-Card Poker players play every hand as blind as a bat. The mathematical calculations for playing blind will always be against you. Note this: if you play blind the house edge is 7.6%, which is huge compared to 3.4% if you play the dealer strategy. It’s as simple as adding one plus one, it’s logical.