Odds in roulette primarily revolve around numbers covered by the bet – the wider the bet, the better the odds are that it will win. However, truly knowing how to calculate odds in roulette takes a bit more skill and knowledge. After all, the ability to combine different bets is one of the joys of this game, and players are free to complicate things as much as they want.

That's why this guide to roulette odds is here – to help you understand the underlying statistics and probabilities.

In this guide, we'll explain how roulette odds work and how they relate to the payouts of the game. We'll also draw conclusions based on these stats, such as how knowing the odds can help you win.

Before we begin, we'll point out that this tutorial assumes a certain level of knowledge about the game. While the guide is suitable for beginners, we still expect you to understand how roulette works at its most basic level. If you don't, no worries – you can start by checking out our roulette tutorial.