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This is not the first version of Blackjack by Visionary iGaming, a live dealer games software developer that has been on the market since 2008. Even with a decade-long experience, Visionary managed to maintain a somewhat low profile; with Live HD Blackjack release, it seems that the company is ready to face bigger markets.

According to their Marketing Director, a lot has been invested in the development of this Blackjack variant and the initial response was quite favourable. The positive feedback was expected, since a panel of professional Blackjack players was involved in creating HD version of the game and every detail was executed with great care.

How to Play Visionary iGaming Live HD Blackjack Online

Live HD is a fast and engaging 7-seat Blackjack able variant with a goal of meeting the needs of both skillful veterans and amateur players who need a simple and responsive platform. Thanks to the Choose Ahead feature, the players who prefer faster sessions can plan and execute their moves ahead, while those who need a few more extra seconds will still have plenty of time to draw their next move.

Apart from the initial bets, the players can increase their winning chances by wagering on two extra options, Pairs bet with 11:1 payout and Rummy bet that comes at 9:1 payout rate. For added authenticity, players can Tip the dealer and the tip amount will be doubled by the casino after a winning hand.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Two extra betting options, increasing the suspense and excitement level
  • Back betting option that enables infinite number of players to participate
  • Choose Ahead Feature changing the dynamics and speeding up the pace
  • Tip the Dealer option doubled after a successful hand
  • Full Screen Viewing mode in an HD video quality for optimal experience

Our Verdict

An excellent addition to Visionary iGaming Blackjack catalog and their Live Dealer offer, HD variant comes with a great set of features that significantly improve the overall experience. The game pace can be changed at will thanks to the Choose Ahead option which will particularly appeal to those who prefer speed game Live Table variants, while Bet Behind is a life saver for players who hate waiting around for a spot at the table to clear.

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