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Hi-Lo is one of the latest additions to the portfolio of live dealer games from Playtech. This is also one of the easiest and simplest casino games to play, which makes it appealing to any beginner. The goal of the game is to simply guess whether the next card to be revealed will be higher or lower than the one already on the table.

There are some different bets that player can place with Hi-Lo from Playtech. They can simply choose if the card will be higher or lower or they can bet on what the next card will be. Each bet will have different payouts. For example, if players bet the next card will be an Ace, the payout is 11.56x the bet amount. If they bet it will be a Red or Black card, the payout will be 1.92x. The highest payout with this game comes at 12.06x the bet amount on the Snap bet.

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Some Pointers When Playing Live Hi-Lo Games Online

Hi-Lo is the most basic card game to play. With Hi-Lo, players will not require any special skills to enjoy the game. It is one of the most basic games featured by Playtech and as a game of luck, there are not many strategies that can be employed. Since this is a luck based game, players can expect low returns but frequent wins.

How to Play

• The game starts with a single card being displayed at the centre of the table.
• If the game is a newly opened table, three cards will be burned by the dealer before the base card is placed on the table.
• Players will then have a certain amount of time to place their bets on what they believe the next revealed card will be.
• To place bets, click on chip values and then on a position on the table. These include specific cards, Red, Black, Higher, Lower or Snap. A Snap bet is one that bets that the next card revealed will match the value of the base card, paying 12.06x the bet amount.
• To increase bet amounts already on the table, left click to add an additional chip of the same value or right click to remove a chip.
• After bets are placed, click on Confirm to post all bets.
• The game will display a No More Bets signal and three more cards will be burned by the dealer. The fourth card will be displayed in the middle of the table.
• This card will then become the base card for the following round.
• If the bet is lost, the stakes are removed from the table and all wins are paid automatically based on the stated pay table.
• New bets can be placed prior to any new round on the game.

    featured game

    Playtech Live Hi-Lo

    Live Hi-Lo Gambler is one of the latest games to have been added to the Playtech live dealer portfolio seeing that it has been around since July 2015. It is currently only available in their European casino, which means the action is streamed live from a studio in Riga, with high-end user interface and live chat option in place to enhance the overall experience.

    The game is played with a deck of twelve cards, which contains all standard cards apart from 10, with half of these being red and the other half black. The objective of Live Hi-Lo Gambler is to guess the value of the next card when compared to the base card, and it is the simple gameplay as well as potential for big wins that are likely to make the Playtech title very popular among casino players.

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