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General Information

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Multi Wheel Roulette is a high speed live dealer game from Extreme Live Gaming software. The variant features three roulette wheels and betting layouts so it feels like playing three games at the same time. Players can place many bets on all wheels, therefore, it has a high winning potential.

The game play follows European Roulette rules and various bet types are accepted. Payouts are given according to the bet type and wager amount. Multi Wheel Roulette is suitable for players that want faster gaming with the possibility to place many bets and win big. For more information on the game and its key benefits, continue reading.

How to Play Extreme Live Gaming Multi Wheel Roulette Online

Because Extreme Live Multi Wheel Roulette has three wheels, it also means that it has three times the winning potential. Multiple wager amounts are accepted and many bets can be placed on the European betting layouts.

In general, players can place both inside and outside types of bets such as a straight up, two number, three number, four number corner and six line bets as well as bets on columns, dozens, even, odd, high and low. The layouts and wheels are nicely displayed and all features and tools are easily located.

What’s important to point out about this live dealer roulette variant is that you must have good money management skills so as not to get carried away chasing a winning streak or placing big bets. The fact that it’s fast-paced it also means that you can quickly spend your entire bankroll in a few minutes.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Feels Like Playing Three Roulette Games Because of the 3 Wheels
  • The Game Has Very High Winning Potential
  • It Is a Fast Paced Roulette Variant
  • One Zero European Roulette Rules Apply
  • The Game Is User-Friendly and Everything Is Nicely Displayed

Our Verdict

Extreme Live Gaming’s Multi Wheel Roulette is a fun, high speed European style roulette where you can bet big and win big. The best approach to this game is to think of it as if you’re playing multiple separate games of single zero roulette. Rather than winnings being divided by the number wheels, each of the three reels pays out separately, so you’re in fact making one bet per table each time. This is also something to keep in mind when placing your bets because you can easily spend your betting budget.

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Evolution Gaming, NetEnt
18+. T&C's Apply
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