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When players are seeking a live dealer game and wish to have many options and betting limits, they will benefit from playing Global Gaming Labs live dealer games. One popular game title from the company is Blackjack Unlimited. This game can be enjoyed by any player that has experience playing European Blackjack and there are some nice game features that make this title appealing.

For many years, Global has been entertaining gamblers from all over the world and this game is just one of the selections that can be enjoyed in real time, for real money action online. This blackjack variation is a great alternative to the standard blackjack game offered.

How to Play GGL Live Blackjack Unlimited Online

Blackjack Unlimited is an 8 deck game that is very similar to the standard live blackjack game offered by Global. The main difference is that there are unlimited seats at the table and players are allowed to play as many positions as they like. Each player will be free to make their own hand decisions and there is a five second time frame where all hand decisions will have to be made. If after five seconds no decision has been made, the hand will automatically be played using standard blackjack strategy.

There is one difference between this game and the standard live blackjack game and this is in regards to splitting pairs. When a pair is dealt, there are two choices. The player can split or they can choose not to split. If they do not split the pairs, the initial stake is returned less a 20% commission.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Blackjack Unlimited is played using European Blackjack rules and strategies
  • Players can benefit from playing multiple positions at the table
  • Players have the ability to make use of all blackjack game options
  • There is a splitting rule that will differ from live blackjack where players will receive different returns
  • This game, like the regular live blackjack game, offers table minimums of $10

Our Verdict

Any player that seeks the thrills of live action blackjack cannot go wrong with Blackjack Unlimited. Instead of being limited to the positions held at the table, this game allows players to hold multiple positions, offering more chances to win and some amazing blackjack action. The game is easy to play and is affordable with bets starting at just $10, but players will need to have a solid concept of basic blackjack strategies to be successful.

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