Blackjack stands unique among all casino games through the sheer volume of blackjack tips, strategies, and approaches you can take to win. It’s one of the few live casino games in which the player has direct control over the outcome. That’s what gave birth to notions like basic blackjack strategy charts. There are simply ways to play that are statistically better than others.

A basic blackjack strategy is just the first step, though. It’s the most essential, barebones way to minimize the house advantage in blackjack. It’s the first step on the long, winding road to blackjack mastery. Let’s discuss some other ways to improve your game.

Collecting Blackjack Tips & Tricks From Across the Web

Thankfully, this road to mastery is not one you have to take alone. Professional gamblers, statisticians, and card counters have been figuring out ways to beat the casinos at blackjack for decades. And while we here at Live Casinos can give some blackjack tips and pointers, we’re by no means the best at the game. Certainly not compared to people out there who make a living playing blackjack.

The internet is full of advice, tips, and strategies for playing blackjack. Some of these are described by credible, skilled players. Others – not as much. Still, there’s no denying that taking advantage of the wealth of information out there can be a great method for getting better.

That said, filtering out useful online blackjack advice can take time and effort. Besides, if you’re new to the game, you may not exactly know which blackjack tricks are useful and which aren’t. To help with that, we’ve compiled a handy list of tips for playing blackjack from across the internet. These include blackjack tips Reddit posts, online blogs, and whatever else we could dig up. We’ve also included a link to the original in each one to give credit where credit is due.