The famous card game of twenty-one is synonymous with casino gaming, hailed by many as the holy grail of gambling. Simple enough to welcome anyone but complex enough to allow skilled players to shine, blackjack has swept the globe years ago with its unique blend of luck and strategy.

Books have been written, tales have been told, and blackjack remains a quintessential part of the casino experience.

But what are the origins of blackjack? What is the history of blackjack, and how has the game changed over the years? Its journey from the court of King Louis XV to modern live dealer casinos is long and winding, but understanding it can help us understand the underlying principles of twenty-one and how it got to be so popular.

In this article, the LiveCasinos team will walk you through a brief but detailed summary of the history of blackjack. Blackjack origins and evolution will be another point of interest because they explain how the familiar rules came to be.