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Live Casino Dealers

Every fan of table games knows that dealers are inseparable part of the casino action. Not only they host the games, but they also make everything luxurious and spice up the atmosphere. Live dealers, who can be found at live dealer casinos on the Internet, are game hosts who operate games broadcasted to customers in real time. Hence, players can enjoy real casino action directly from their homes.

Now, casino games enthusiasts can play roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other special games at home or on the go and, at the same time, enjoy the company of professional live dealers. This opportunity, which was previously offered only at real casinos, makes live casinos the first choice of many online players. Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of the live dealers.

Therefore, we provided you shortlist of the most popular studio locations worldwide where you can find casino delaers from different regions and countries that also speak various native languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, Germany, and Swedish. It is always good to know your dealer preferred dealer better starting with knowing his or her location. Live casinos always tend to hire professional and beautiful dealers which only add to the excitement of the game. Usually, regular players have a favourite live dealer; hence this may be a good time for you to find yours.

The Draw of Different Live Dealer Software

While socializing with the dealers is one of the main attractions of live dealer gambling, the variety and quality of the software does not lose any of its importance. The games themselves need to be produced and designed by experts so that the skilled and professional dealers can continue with developing the game and completing the experience. Only the very best casinos with live dealers will always adhere to this principle.

If a game suffers for the lack of proper technical support and the player experiences bad visuals, late dealer responses, glitches or any other inconveniences, the software in question can hardly be seen as of high quality. To make matters worse, the dealers cannot express their skills and communicate with players as attentively as they would want to.

Sometimes you can be assigned with the friendliest, loveliest croupier, and simultaneously be annoyed at the sight of poorly designed software solutions also displayed on screen. With an extended choice of online casinos with real dealers, bettors can explore their options, try different things and eventually settle for the sites with the best conditions.

Different Studio Locations

As you already know, live dealer gamesstrong> can be transmitted from actual casino floors or live streamed from studio facilities which are made to look like authentic casinos. Depending on the software provider, the games can take place in multiple locations, in different studios. How does the location of the live dealer studio affect the game? Well, it affects it in a sense that it provides specific features - such as various settings and studio designs on one hand. On the other hand, it provides the possibility to hire native dealers from that very region in which the studio happens to be located.

Live casino producers choose studio locations according to various criteria, but sometimes one of those requirements may include the need to hire native speakers of a specific language so as to satisfy a growing group of clients. On other occasions, they may choose a location simply because it is geographically convenient and suits their purposes. Some of the most sought out locations are Malta, Philippinesstrong>, Latvia, Costa Ricastrong> and the UK. Evolution Gaming, as one of the leading software brands at live dealer casinos, has studios in Latvia, Malta and also Canada.

Game Types in Different Regions

It's interesting to see that players residing in different regions have access to different types of games. We're not talking about restrictions or anything of the sort; it's just that some games are more popular than others in specific regions. Software providers try to give the audience what they want so they gladly take on local necessities of the gambling community. If you come from the Asian continent you should have no problem whatsoever finding games with live dealers such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo. You will rarely have these games offered at live dealer casinos targeting the European audience or covering Latin America.

Available Languages

The presence of live dealer casinos oriented towards Europe, Asia or Latin America is great news when it comes to market growth, larger audiences, bigger and more diverse game portfolios and further development of the industry. From a player's point of view, this means a more targeted approach. It means access to casinos that know their customers very well, accept their local currency and offer them premium service in their native languages.

Online casinos with real dealers with Europeans as their target audience would normally feature live dealer tables in such languages as Swedish, French, Turkish, Italian and Danish. This applies not just to the game's interface, but also to the dealers. They are usually picked among native speakers who are qualified casino croupiers with experience in live gambling. Asian-facing online casinos will most certainly have native dealers who speak Mandarin, or possibly Vietnamese, depending on the regions within their covered territories. Their Latin American colleagues will gladly speak Spanish with the players at designated blackjack or roulette tables accepting participants from such countries as Argentina, Columbia or Mexico.

Benefits for Live Casino Players

Even though English is accepted as the international language and there are several major currencies available in most locations worldwide, people will always prefer a service that adjusts to their daily routine and needs. Being welcomed by a native dealer means a lot to players in remote regions and definitely makes them feel more comfortable at the table.

By employing croupiers who speak various languages, live dealer casinos connect with their customers on a higher, more intimate level. By building more studios in new locations, live casino software providers improve their capacity, reach new clients and deliver wholesome gambling experiences 24/7. Localized live casino solutions have enabled dedicated live casino tables and truly brought live casino into people's homes, without restricting them to using only one language or accessing a single studio environment.

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