Roulette wheels cannot be 100% perfect due to flaws that can develop over the time or during their construction.
Roulette wheels cannot be 100% perfect due to flaws that can develop over the time or during their construction.

Live Roulette tables are the replicas of land-based Roulette tables and the whole gaming experience you get while playing at one is the closest to the one you have at a brick-and-mortar casino. That practically means that the equipment used at a live casino is the same as the one at land-based casinos. When it comes to Live Roulette, the game uses physical Roulette tables and wheels where everything that happens is based on pure physics.

While online Roulette games are operated by the Random Number Generator which makes the results completely random, physical Roulette wheels cannot be 100% perfect due to flaws that can develop over the time or during their construction. This article deals with bias a Roulette wheel can develop and Roulette wheel secrets casinos don't want you to know.

Physics and Bias

Things deteriorate, and that's a fact. A Roulette wheel is undoubtedly a thing, so it changes over the course of time. No matter how small these defects can be, they can affect the way the ball moves on the wheel and the result of the game. There's nothing we can do about it. However, we can make these flaws work for us to lower the house edge and beat the casino.

One of the Roulette wheel secrets are so-called “dominant diamonds”. If you are new to Roulette, you should know that every Roulette wheel has diamonds or disruptors, which can change the path of the ball. When the ball hits some of the diamonds more frequently than others, these are called “dominant diamonds”. The reasons why the ball hits some of the diamonds more often than others can be various, yet dominant diamonds can help a player predict what the next winning number(s) will be. All you need to know is the position of the wheel when the ball hits it.

One of the things that can change the way the ball moves is the wheel rotor that can develop flaws over time. Being the only part of the wheel that moves, the rotor can become imperfect and also be responsible for bias. Another element of the wheel that changes are pockets with separators between them that can become loose. If one of the pocket separators becomes looser than others, this will definitely cause wheel bias. In addition, if any scratch is made on the ball track, the outcome of rounds can become predictable.

Closing Thoughts

The Roulette wheel bias can be uncovered only by close observance and it takes hundreds or even thousands of spins. Casinos monitor wheels but as a player, you can do it yourself and reveal the way the wheel spins and if there are any defects. Keep in mind that most of the flaws that can cause bias are not visible to the naked eye and that it can take forever to see them. What you can stick to is paying attention to diamonds and check out if the ball hits some of them more frequently than others. The method of determining if the wheel is biased is called “clocking” ant it is similar to card counting in Blackjack. Keep in mind that you have to do it without being too conspicuous as you may draw suspicion and get banned from the casino.

If you play Live Roulette at an online casino, you can join a table to your liking and just watch the action without placing bets or apply the optimal betting strategy while monitoring the result of each round. If you manage to reveal bias, make sure to take advantage of your discovery and keep an eye on your bankroll to make the most of it.