Live dealer gaming is a gem of modern technologies, that much is for sure. Winning money with online gambling is great and all, but before you can start winning, you need to be actually good at the games you’re playing. Consulting live casino strategies is a great start, but ultimately it comes down to practice. Practicing real-money live casino games can be scary, though – not to mention expensive.

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and there’s an app for everything now. Here are some incredible resources out there to help you take your plays to the next level.

Blackjack Training Drills

Live dealer blackjack is universally hailed as one of the most profitable games you can play at a casino. The reasoning is simple – blackjack house edge sits at around 0.50%, promising the best returns in the long run. Or the smallest losses at the very least.

Thar’s a big caveat to that 99.50% RTP that most beginners aren’t aware of, though. To get such returns, you’ll need to employ a basic blackjack strategy. This is essentially a chart that tells you exactly which call to make in which situation to get the statistically optimal result. Of course, “basic” is the keyword here. There’s more room for improvement beyond the basics of blackjack.

Card counting is another easy example of a skill-based blackjack technique. It takes a lot of practice to master even the simplest forms of blackjack card counting, such as Hi-Lo. If you go directly to a blackjack table and try training these skills, your practice sessions can become quite costly. Sure, you can play blackjack for free online – mostly RNG variants. But the effectiveness of such training sessions would depend on the efficiency as well. How do you know you’re properly employing a basic strategy? Maybe you’re reading the charts wrong, or maybe you’re just not using them right. After all, your blackjack strategy is impacted by various table rules and variations.

That’s where a blackjack training drill app comes in handy. It keeps track of your calls and tells you how well you’re adhering to the principles of optimal blackjack strategies. It tells you when you’ve made a mistake, why that choice is a mistake, and what you should be doing instead. Not only does this make the process a lot easier, but it also offers a deeper understanding of how blackjack works.