First Person games are a series of RNG-based casino games released by Evolution, starting in 2019. Essentially, these titles attempt to capture the magic of live dealer casino games and repackage it in an RNG format. Typical live casino games decide the outcome through real cards and/or roulette wheels and such. RNG, on the other hand, means that the titles rely on computer algorithms to determine the result.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at what First Person games are, how they work, and provide some examples.

What are First Person Live Casino Games?

As we just mentioned, they are repackaged versions of live Evolution games. Each First Person title is based on a corresponding Evolution live table games. For instance, First Person Blackjack is mechanically identical to Evolution Live Blackjack. Of course, switching to a single-player format occasionally impacts gameplay to a degree, but they are largely the same.

Now, Evolution is known primarily for making some of the best live dealer games online. This has led to some confusion about what First Person live casino games mean, exactly. The title itself can be a bit misleading as well.

The main idea of these games was to emulate the magic of live table games as close as possible. Evolution relied on their wealth of experience in delivering top live-streamed casino games, and it definitely shows. In essence, the appeal of live casino games is that they focus on player experience as opposed to being mechanically interesting. They attempt to bring the feeling of an actual brick-and-mortar casino right to your screen. This often comes down to set design and professional croupiers, but there’s clearly more nuance to it all.

RGN casino table games are a lot more limiting in that regard. When it comes down to it, human contact is an essential part of the casino experience. Even the largely one-way communication of most live gaming does a lot to help you forget that you’re really just sitting in your sweatpants in front of a computer. Sadly, this can’t be helped in a single-player environment.

Evolution instad focused on other things. They carefully considered how these games are presented. We’re not just talking about graphical fidelity here. The player’s perspective is made to closely resemble a realistic one. Hence the name – First Person.

What are RNG casino games?

RNG is short for Random Number Generation. As the name implies, it’s a mathematical process used for determining random outcomes – like ones needed for online gambling. To understand First Person games, it’s important to understand what is the difference between RNG and live casino games. Let’s use a simple example to illustrate.

Imagine a live casino game about tossing a coin. In it, a dealer would be on camera flipping the coin as players put down wagers on which side lands – heads or tails.

An RNG version of the same game would not need a dealer. Instead, the game would assign a number value to each possible outcome. In this case, let’s say 1 is heads and 2 is tails. Now, the game would be programmed to randomly decide on one or the other in each round. Its programming would guarantee that each outcome has exactly a 50% probability of occurring.

Are RNG games fair?

In a way, the RNG version of our coin flip game would be fairer than the dealer version. For instance, how the dealer tosses the coin could end up affecting the result. They could, say, have the coin slip or drop it too early. While each outcome still has a 50% chance of occurring, no two coin flips are the same. Even the best croupiers are human, after all, and humans make mistakes.

Computer programs, on the other hand, don’t make mistakes. Each virtual “flip” would be completely identical to the last one. Of course, a proper casino game uses this concept on a grander scale.

However, a lot of people have a different question in mind – is RNG truly random? Now that’s a very complicated question, rife with gambler's myths. For starters, it’s hard to say that anything in nature is truly random. The result of a coin toss, for instance, is the combination of the force the dealer applied to the coin, air resistance, the centrifugal force of the coin flipping, and who knows what else. That’s why, in this sense, “random” means something with a clear set of possible outcomes that are impossible to predict.

It’s also worth noting that computers can’t just “make up” a number. They can’t think creatively like you and me. Programmers invented a bunch of tricks to circumvent this over the years, though. For example, one of the more common methods is to measure completely unpredictable temperature variations in circuitry. Then, the number generator uses something like the 60th decimal point of the measurement as the outcome. In theory, there’s no way of knowing how it will turn out. Discussing chaos theory is a bit beyond the scope of this article, though, so let’s move on.

Why Should I Play First Person Live Games?

First-person live games have a few advantages compared to their “true” live counterparts. We’ve discussed the fairness side to it at great length, so let’s put that aside for now.

Even the best live table games have some inherent inconveniences. For example, they can be slow-moving. Take Blackjack for example. The dealer has to wait for each player’s bets, decisions, and the like. If you’re playing at a full table, the waiting times can quickly become annoying. Evolution first person live games don’t suffer from this. You can lay down bets as quickly or as slowly as you wish. Moreover, several of these titles allow you to adjust animation speed for even more freedom in pace.

Speaking of adjustments, they are much more customizable. Depending on the game in question, you can tweak and change things to your liking.

Also, when you play First Person casino games for real money, the bet limits are usually much less constrictive. This especially applies to limited seat games like blackjack.

Lastly, the lack of a video stream is much less taxing on your internet connection. This can be important for some users or in some situations.

Importantly, First Person card games do not shuffle the deck after every round. Instead, they work with shoes of 6-8 and deck penetration – like live games. This is actually pretty good for card counting.

Evolution invested a lot of care and attention into making these look as close to the “real thing” as possible. A First-Person live game is as close as you can get to a true live game without actually playing one.

Top 5 First Person Live Games

At the time of the writing of this article, Evolution had released 9 First Person titles. As noted before, each is strictly based on a pre-existing live casino game. Of course, they’ve expressed intentions of releasing even more in the future.

Importantly, each First Person game contains an integrated “Go Live” button which takes you straight to the live version of the same game.

Anyway, here is a nice spread of 5 of the best first person live games so far. We’ve tried to keep the list varied so that everyone can find something to their liking.

First Person Roulette

Let’s start with the good old classics. Roulette is hands-down the most popular live table game at most top online casinos. As such, it makes sense that it was one of the first to get the First-Person treatment.

Evolution’s portfolio boasts almost 25 different versions of live roulette, as impossible as that sounds. As such, it’s kind of difficult to say which of them was used as a baseline for First Person Roulette. Our best guess would be Evolution Instant Roulette, but it’s hard to be sure. It doesn’t really matter, though. What we have here is a typical European wheel with one 0 and no complications or special features.

The market is kind of flooded with RNG roulette games, but this is an outstanding title by any metric. As we said, it goes out of its way to convince you that it’s an actual roulette table. The fact that the chip stack accurately reflects your balance is a nice touch, especially. The “Go Live” button, in this case, is a bit strange, though. It can take you to any of several available live tables.

First Person Blackjack

Let’s move on to another timeless classic – the fan-favourite game of 21. Evolution has a fairly robust selection of different live blackjack variations. However, the First Person Blackjack game is based on their basic live blackjack tables.

The environment is fairly spot-on compared to its inspiration. As such, the transitions between the live and RNG version is incredibly seamless. That said, this game is for lovers of classic blackjack, with no extra fluff. It plays with a fairly common but player-friendly set of rules. For instance, the dealer stands on 17 and draws to 16, with 3:2 odds on Blackjack.

It features 2 side bets – the commonplace Perfect Pairs and 21+2. If you play First Person blackjack the RNG version, you have the added benefit of removing these if you so choose. Other customisation options are also present, such as adjustable game speed and the “deal now” functionality.

First Person Lightning Roulette

Some of us like to spice things up a little, though. If the classics aren’t what you’re looking for, how about some roulette with a twist?

Lightning Roulette is one of Evolution’s flagship titles. It’s incredibly popular years after its release, with a big focus on sheer entertainment value. The classic European roulette wheel was used as a basis, of course, which is good for your bottom line. However, every round also randomly zaps up to 5 numbers with huge multipliers. Straight-up bets on these can increase winnings up to 500 times, which makes for some incredibly exciting gameplay.

The wheel in the original game spins on its own, though. The presenters are there merely to add to the excitement. Although the presenters aren’t carried over to the First-Person Lightning Roulette game, it maintains the original’s flair for the dramatic. The lightning strikes are also more convincing in a fully computer-generated environment.

First Person Dragon Tiger

On the flip side, some people like to kick back with more casual online casino games. If you like sweet and simple, you can’t do better than Evolution’s Live Dragon Tiger.

Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game similar to Baccarat. Essentially, you have a tiger on one side and a dragon on the other. Each side receives a card, and the stronger card wins! Ties are the third option, though a lot less likely at odds of 11:1. In keeping with the idea of simplicity, it only has one side bet – the Suited Tie. As you may have guessed, this bet wins big if the two cards are identical.

The First Person take introduces some interesting visuals to add to the experience. Thematically, this game is about dragons fighting tigers. Seeing the winning side light up on the virtual table is a strangely satisfying experience.

First Person Mega Ball

If anyone likes the classics, it’s us at Live Casinos. However, sometimes you want to shake things up with something completely different. Speciality live games are the perfect solution for that.

Live Mega Ball is one of Evolution’s more notable innovations in the field of live gaming. It’s a keno/bingo style casino game, with a sort of gameshow-like approach to design. It’s very easy to just pick up and play Mega Ball, which is why it’s a relatively successful experiment on Evolution’s part.

The First Person version is a faithful virtual representation of everything Live Mega Ball has to offer. However, while the original was a fairly slow-moving process, you can practically blaze through this one. More importantly, the multipliers are still around to keep that winning potential as high as possible.


Before we end, we’ll point you to the remaining First Person live games. As always, each of them has honest, detailed reviews so you always know what you’re getting into.

  • First Person Dream Catcher
  • First Person Baccarat
  • First Person Football Studio
  • First Person Craps

Knowing Evolution, they won’t stop there. All we can do is promise to stay on top of any future First Person live game releases!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a place to give any First Person Live casino games a try, you can find a handy list of top Evolution live casinos here.


  • What is RNG in casino games?

RNG stands for Random Number Generation. It’s a process used to determine outcomes in casino games.

  • Are RNG games rigged?

No – at least no more than any other casino game. RTP is still a factor, but gambling software must be completely vetted by gaming license authorities to be legal and commercially available.

  • Which Evolution First Person Live games are there?

Currently, Evolution has released First Person versions of Roulette, Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, Football Studio, and Craps.

  • How are First Person Live games different from other RNG games?

Generally, they are merely just exceptionally well-made. The card games also feature multi-deck shoes and deck penetration instead of being shuffled every round.