Playtech, one of the leading brands in the online casino software space, has recently partnered with MGM Resorts to deliver a new line of live dealer products.

These new tables will be streamed directly from MGM's casinos, located in Las Vegas. The games are set to deliver authentic experiences for anyone looking to visit Las Vegas without leaving the comfort of their home.

New Over-the-Table Games

Instead of classic live casino studios, these new games will put you onto the floors of actual Las Vegas casinos. Players can enjoy a high-quality stream straight from an active table. Moreover, you can even see regular customers playing the game at the actual location. This unique design approach combines online gambling with classic casino-going in the meat space, which is quite interesting.

To be clear, this is by no means a new idea. Tables such as these are often referred to as Over-the-table or OTT. For example, Authentic Gaming still has a long line of OTT roulette tables.

Anyway, Playtech will immediately add roulette and baccarat tables. Reportedly, the offer will include both single- and double-zero roulette wheels. Pro tip: never play double zero roulette. Ever.

Exciting New Technolgies

Though the idea itself is not unique, Playtech promises to take it to the next level. According to MGM Resorts chief executive Bill Hornbuckle, the goal is to provide an experience unlike anything else in the industry.

This partnership between Playtech and MGM is also set to introduce other innovations in the future. There are plans to broaden the portfolio with exclusive access to a variety of Playtech games, branded TV game shows, celebrity-hosted trivia shows and other one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences in Las Vegas.