Online gambling has not been around for that long.

Live casinos are even newer! Every innovation will have to face a bit of scepticism from existing players. It needs to make a strong argument as to why it is better than the real deal. For the most part, both online casinos and live dealer games have succeeded in doing this.

Still, that did not mean it was not an uphill battle. Back then, online transactions were not nearly as commonplace as they are today. Developers and operators had to go through many steps to soothe the worries players had. Nowadays, online gambling is regulated heavily to make sure all sides are playing fair. As long as you are playing in a licensed live casino, you do not have to worry about cheating or theft.

Despite this, a variety of myths regarding live casinos persists. They are things that seem to make sense on the surface level. However, they tend to fall apart if you consider them for any stretch of time. Today, we will take a look at the most popular myths, and prove they are nothing but punter rumours.

Myth #1: Games are Rigged

Trust us; we have all been there. No matter what you do or what hand you play, that win just will not come. Just as you are making a comeback, you suddenly face a losing streak. In times like these, it can be very tempting to say that the game is rigged and that the casino is cheating. However, that is simply not the case.

In order to operate in a particular market, a software provider has to get a license. Some countries are stricter than others are. That said, if the casino has a valid license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, they are probably a safe bet. Legitimate operations will usually display these licenses, and will even link to them to confirm they are valid.

Failure to comply with the rules these regulators set can result in the casino losing access to that particular market. As a result, licensed live casinos do not have rigged games. If they did, they would not be able to operate in the most lucrative markets.

Myth #2: Dealers Receive a Percentage of Your Losses

Live casino games are different because of two things—the fact you play with other people, and the presence of a dealer. The dealer is there to add to the experience and to make sure the rounds are proceeding smoothly. If certain rumours are to be believed, part of their job is to tempt you into spending more. Furthermore, they are even given a percentage of your losses as a reward for doing so!

Of course, this is not true. If it were, dealers would have to find ways to get you to lose. They can encourage you to keep playing, but we have yet to come across a dealer who tells you what to play outright.

Furthermore, all casino games come with an in-built house edge. As time goes on, the operator and software provider are guaranteed to win. While you may make a profit, most players will not. Because of the house edge, there is no reason to resort to scummy tactics. Rest assured that the dealer is not some nefarious entity. They are just there to help you have a good time.

Myth #3: Hot & Cold Numbers

This rumour dates far earlier than online casinos. In fact, we can see it is true sometimes. After all, machines are not perfect, especially if they have been in use for a while. It is possible that an improperly tuned roulette wheel will favour specific numbers. However, that falls into a physical error, and cannot happen in live casinos.

Why is that? Well, for the same reason their games cannot be rigged! Regulators demand that online casinos and software providers regularly check their games for fairness. This is done via both in-house checks and external audits to make sure the results are not being manipulated.

Every table that uses a wheel or a machine part is subject to these frequent checks. This also includes the new generation of live dealer games, which usually include some RNG elements into the mix. This means hot and cold numbers are not strategically useful. You can still play with them in mind, but it will not give you any kind of advantage.

Myth #4: You Can Beat the House Edge

Many websites or guides will tell you that yes, it is possible to beat the house edge. You just need to use a specific betting system or a certain strategy in order to win! Usually, this is paired up with them claiming it is a secret strategy, and that you should give them money. None of these methods will work; you cannot beat the house edge of an online casino.

The complication arises from the fact that there are strategies that improve your performance. Blackjack basic strategy is the perfect example of this. If you have a cheat sheet handy and play according to what it tells you, your chances of winning do go up! That being said, the said strategy will only decrease the house edge to 1%. At the end of the day, the casino always wins.

Myth #5: Online Gambling is More Addictive

We will not downplay the fact all kinds of gambling is addictive. As the rumour mill goes, online gambling is even more so! Because you are playing from your own home, you can play that much more. This leads to you being hooked in faster. At the same time, you deposit using your bank account, meaning you do not see the money disappearing. Not until it is too late.

It is true that live casinos give you far easier access than brick-and-mortar venues ever could. After all, they are usually just a few taps of your phone away versus going to an actual venue. However, this does not make them more addictive by themselves. Your brain will react in the same way, no matter if you are playing online or in person.

Thankfully, all reputable live casinos use various means to stop problematic gambling. You can impose deposit limits on yourself if you feel like you are spending too much. Punters can even ask the casino to restrict their access entirely, so they are not tempted by the idea of playing. It is far easier to start playing online, that much is true. However, stopping yourself from playing has become a streamlined process, as well.