Trying your luck with live online casino games is the next best thing to a brick-and-mortar casino. Sure, firing up a quick round of RNG-based casino games has its benefits. However, the social side of it all is a big part of gambling. However, we found that switching over to live dealer tables can seem like a big step.

Whether you’re coming from traditional casinos or different online games, you may be wondering different things. Beginners usually have trouble finding the right game for them, and even casino veterans need some direction sometimes. With that in mind, we’ve created this list of the best live casino games in 2024 – or at least some of them.

A few disclaimers before we move on to the actual list. First of all, none of these was listed in any particular order. The goal here is to present something for everyone – a nice, broad selection of top live casino games. This also means that we’ll try to avoid unnecessary repetition. For instance, we won’t offer more than a single live blackjack game. If you want more than that, you can always refer to our comprehensive collection of live table game reviews.

Similarly, all of these will try to be simple and serve as a nice introduction to the game type. A sort of “baseline” array of titles, if you will. Deciding which game is the best in a certain niche is bound to be a bit subjective, of course. That’s why your approach can be to try these options, and move on to similar titles if you like them.

Top Live Casino Games List

Live Quantum Blackjack by Playtech

If there's one game with plenty of options for players, it’s live blackjack. If you just want to play a few quick hands, there’s plenty of options to do so.  However, we’ve chosen this title because it accurately represents the charms and advantages of live-streamed blackjack.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, Quantum Blackjack is a solid title without all the extra features. It’s a fairly straightforward game with 8 decks and unlimited table seats. Essentially, the cards on the table are shared between all players, but each gets to choose which moves to make. This keeps the game moving at all times without all the usual issues of having to stream blackjack.

However, the Live Quantum Blackjack game has a few surprises up its sleeve. Some cards are assigned multipliers, which can increase player returns. That’s a feature you don’t get with RNG Blackjack – and it can only turn out to the player’s advantage.

Live European Roulette by Evolution

If we’re being honest, this entry applies to the whole range of Evolution Roulette games. They have pretty much everything you’d want – American, French, Speed, Dual, Instant, a whole range of languages, and so on. However, we chose the simplest one as an example, and you can find alternative options here.

Evolution’s live games are renowned for their quality. Everything from set design to technical things like stream stability and speed is up to the highest standards. Evolution is generally considered industry leaders when it comes to top-quality live table games. Still, their roulette games never fail to provide a good time.

Evolution Live Roulette offers a broad selection of table limits and betting options. You can even use several tables at the same time if you’re looking to speed things up.

Prestige Live Baccarat by Playtech

Baccarat as a casino game offers much less room for innovation than things like roulette. As a result, live baccarat games rarely offer the same kind of diversity in terms of content and features. That’s why our standard for picking one was a bit different. We just wanted the title to play straightforward baccarat and be good at it.

Playtech's Prestige Baccarat fits the bill perfectly. Plenty of side bets, multiple HD cameras, excellent studio and atmosphere – these are just some of the advantages. It’s a masterful release and our go-to when we want to play some baccarat.

Live Casino Hold’em by Ezugi

Live table games are not exactly known as a hub for poker players. Usually, you don’t need a casino to play Texas Hold ‘em – just some willing participants. That said, if you want to scratch that poker itch in a live experience, there are some options out there. Casino Hold’em is a derivation of the good old game. In this version, you play against the house.

Though it never got the same traction as some other top-rated casino games, Live Hold’em is still a part of every live casino offer. Ezugi’s take is a well-crafted, complete release that can serve as a nice introduction to this game type.

Live Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw by Playtech

The possibilities with live casinos don’t end with traditional casino games. We’re not just talking about niche products like lotteries and the like, either. Sometimes, software developers and casino providers try to get creative. Interestingly, these often end up mimicking classic TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune or even trivia shows.

However, these speciality titles understandably stay on the sidelines compared to heavy-hitters such as live roulette or blackjack. That’s why we would like to single out Playtech’s recent Big Draw game. It’s a casino take on the famous Deal or no Deal show, and they worked quite hard on it. The game centers around 16 numbered suitcase prizes and is one of the most enduring formats on television.

Do note, however, that there are plenty of other outside-the-box live casino games. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new and exciting!


No matter your preferences, you will now at least know where to begin with live table casino games. If you need help finding the right casinos for these titles, all of our live game reviews have suggestions. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Top 10 Live Casinos list. Good luck!