Live game shows are without a doubt one of the most notable innovations brought about by the rise of online casinos. Although these games steer away from classic casino concepts and ideas, their fun and gripping approach to gambling has captured the attention and admiration of thousands.

However, these games also have a reputation for being entertainment-first. They offer high production value with professional presenters and incredible modern graphics, leaving some players to believe that their potential for winnings pales compared to classics like roulette and blackjack.

That’s true, broadly speaking. But who says you can’t relax, have fun, and also win a pretty penny while playing them? It’s all a matter of finding the right game.

If you want to play game shows in live casinos and win more than you lose, you want the games with the highest RTP. And that’s exactly what we’re here to offer.

This post lists the best live casino game shows with high RTP. The list is based on our comprehensive collection of live casino game reviews as well as our decades-long experience with such games. We’ll provide some basic info about each entry and suggest the best casino sites to find and play them on.