Every so often, live dealer software providers create something new and exciting.

Something that isn’t just another variant of blackjack or poker. Something with unique rules of its own that challenges players to learn and adapt. Sic Bo isn’t a new casino game. Playtech already had a working version as part of their offer. But Evolution didn’t want to use the same game. They wanted to offer something different.

And so, in April 2019, the team launched Super Sic Bo. It’s based on Sic Bo, a game dating back from ancient China. The game is played with three dice, and punters make bets that certain conditions will be met. An example of a Sic Bo wager would be betting that at least two of the three dice will show a three. It’s incredibly popular in China, especially in Macau. That success inspired the developers to make their own version, with one significant difference: multipliers!

Basic Rules and Gameplay

From its inception, the core ruleset hasn’t changed. Despite the addition of multipliers, Super Sic Bo offers the same rules and wagers that the original does. You have three dice, which are tossed about using a machine to keep things fair. You can make wagers before the device is activated. But once it’s active, all you can do is sit and watch, hoping that the dice will give you a winning combination!

This makes Evolution Gaming’s release incredibly easy to get into. The table can look super intimidating at first glance, we admit. But once you learn how to read it, you’ll never have an issue with Super Sic Bo. You don’t have to memorize card combinations like poker or calculate the odds of each hand like in blackjack. Place your bets, and cross your fingers that you get some juicy multipliers!

Placing Bets at Super Sic Bo

If you’ve never played Sic Bo, there’s no need to worry. We’ll go over all the wagers you can make and what sort of prize you can expect from them. Experienced players will notice some differences between Super Sic Bo and the standard version. In order to pay for the randomly appearing multipliers, the developers have nerfed the payouts of several dice combinations.

Let’s talk about the ‘safe’ bets first. They’re not really safe; you usually have a 50% chance at scoring these. There are two included here: Big/Small and Odd/Even.

  • Big/Small looks at the sum of all three dice. If the total is between 4 and 10, then Small wins. If the sum is between 11 and 17, then Big wins. Both combinations pay an even 1:1 bet.
  • Odd/Even also tracks the sum of all three dice. But instead of numbers, it’s only interested if the total is odd or even. That is if it can be divided by two or not. Like with Big/Small, you receive a 1:1 win if you bet on the correct choice.


Next up on the list is the Total sum.

Here, players have to guess the actual number produced by the total of all three dice. So, if the dice display two, three and five, the Total sum would be 10. Anyone who wagered on ten for that round would win! Depending on which number you’ve selected, the payout is different. Consult the table below for the details.


SumPayoutEnhanced Payout
4 or 1750:1499:1
5 or 1620:1249:1
6 or 1515:187:1
7 or 1412:129:1
8 or 138:124:1
9 or 126:149:1
10 or 116:124:1


The next bet type you can make are Single, Double and Triple bets! These wagers are more focused on the dice themselves, rather than their sum.

Betting on a Single means at least one dice must land on that number. That said, the prizes do ramp up if more dice show your selected number. Just one number pays 1:1, two pays 2:1, and all three pays 3:1. When enhanced, two matches pay 19:1, and three earn you 87:1.

Choose one of the six Double betting areas. The end goal is to have two of the three dice land and show the same number. The payout is the same regardless if just two or all three dice show the same number. Doubles pay 8:1 standard, and 87:1 enhanced.

Last but not least are Triples! Once again, there are six Triple betting areas. You can choose to bet on a specific triple. If you guess it right, you win 150:1, or 999:1 if enhanced. At the same time, you can also bet on Any Triple. This will pay 30:1 if all three dice match up, regardless of which numbers appear. The enhanced payout is 87:1.

You'll notice there are a few more open areas on the betting board. These are combinations. You need two of the three dice to land to match up with the combination you bet on. All 15 possible two-dice combinations pay 5:1 if successful, or 24:1 if enhanced.

How to Win at Super Sic Bo

By now, you're probably wondering what exactly it means for a payout to be enhanced. How do we get these prized multipliers? The answer is… Well, you just have to get lucky! The value of each multiplier is fixed, but where and when it occurs is entirely random! Maybe it boosts your specific Triple bet, and you get the maximum prize! Or perhaps it doesn't appear at all. Only RNGesus knows what will happen.

Keeping that in mind, any strategy we devise for Super Sic Bo cannot solely rely on multipliers. After playing ourselves, and a bit of research, our best strategy relied on making two bets. One fishing for a solid win, and another that's safer. The one that worked best for us was playing two dice combos, and then another wager on a number not covered by the combination.

You can try a few other combinations, depending on how risky you want to make it. But ultimately, Evolution Gaming's release is a game of chance. You can play it more or less safe, but the end result is always random. There's no way to impact your chances of winning like you can with blackjack and poker. So if that's the sort of gaming experience you're after, you're looking at the wrong title.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Super Sic Bo

There aren't many differences between this release and standard Sic Bo. But one of those differences is clearly more pronounced than the other. The presence of multipliers completely changes the way you approach this traditional dice game. When every round has a chance of upgrading your win, you're probably going to be more willing to risk it! After all, there's a 999:1 top prize with your name waiting at a nearby casino. You can't let it wait for you. That'd just be rude.

At the same time, that high-risk high-reward gameplay may be a turn off for some punters. On top of that, Evolution Gaming had to nerf payouts across the board to afford the multipliers. It has the potential to create a big win. But all the smaller and medium-sized prizes you collect along the way will be less valuable. For fans of more low and medium variance gameplay, Super Sic Bo is a suboptimal choice.

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