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How to Play: Live Teen Patti Tips

Live Teen Patti Tips

As far as Indian gambling games go, Teen Patti is arguably one of the most widely played games in the world. It's a game of luck largely similar to 3 Card Brag. If you're not familiar with it but want to give it a try, our Teen Patti tricks and tips are a great way to start.

Some of you may know it as Flush or Flash, and some of you may have already played it under the name of 3-Card Brag. In the live casino world, Teen Patti has been gaining popularity since trusted providers such as Ezugi, Betconstruct, and Super Spade Games launched their version of this entertaining Asian card game.

Before we begin, make sure you already know how to play Teen Patti. Otherwise, these strategy tips won't make a lot of sense.


Live Teen Patti is not a complicated game, and it's largely down to luck. You can't guarantee winning Teen Patti every time, but you can play with the best odds possible if you know what you're doing.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Top Teen Patti Tips and Ticks



    3. Know when to call and when to fold

    Deciding whether to Play or Fold is the only way in which you can affect the outcome of Teen Patti – so you better make it count.

    The problem here is that there is no exact Teen Patti strategy chart to tell you what, when, and how to do. There are thousands of possible combinations you can have, and the answer is not always obvious. As such, a Teen Patti chart would be absolutely enormous and impossible to learn – which makes the chart sort of pointless in the first place.

    However, 3 Card Brag strategy tells us that there is a “breakpoint” for Calling. In other words, there is a point at which your hand becomes simply too weak to Play further.

    To be specific, you should make a Play bet if you have a Queen, Six, and a Four or stronger. This is more than 80% of all possible hands in live casino Teen Patti, so you should be pretty aggressive with your Teen Patti strategy. However, any weaker than that, and it’s best to fold. For instance, if you have a Queen, a Five, and a Two – you should fold. This has a lot to do with the fact that a Queen High is the hand the dealer needs to qualify.

    Let’s not complicate things too much, though. This Teen Patti tip has been proven in both theory and practice, and you should stick to it.

    4. Use Live Casino Bonuses

    No player wins them all. However, the idea is not always to win more games than you lose. The odds are stacked against you, after all, and you will statistically lose more than you win. Even professional gamblers have only a 41% chance of winning even the most player-friendly casino games. So how is it possible to profit with Teen Patti, you might ask?

    Careful money management is one way. The other is using bonuses at online casinos. Such bonuses can simply give you free funds to bet with on casino games, including Teen Patti. This means that you can walk away with more money than you started with – which is a victory in gambling.

    It’s not always that simple, though. You need to complete wagering requirements before your Teen Patti bonus can be withdrawn as real money. For that to work, you first need a good live casino bonus that can be used for Teen Patti at all. Finding such bonuses is sometimes hard because Teen Patti is not all that popular yet. No worries, though – Live Casinos is here to help you!


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    5. Set your budget and be prepared for anything

    Before you launch your chosen game of Live Teen Patti, set aside a gambling budget that you feel will be enough for that day.  Do not spend anything over the set amount. In addition, don’t forget that Teen Patti is a game of chance and sometimes you may lose no matter how good you followed Teen Patti advice or executed your strategy. While you may have a great set of cards, the dealer may simply have an even better hand.

    In the same vein, you may sometimes think that you have no chance – only for the dealer to fail to qualify, leaving you with an easy win on your Ante bet. Our point is that Teen Patti can be unpredictable, which is one of the joys of gambling. However, if you are careful about how you manage your casino money, you can ensure that you never lose too much.

    Play Teen Patti Online

    All that’s left to do now is suggest some great casinos to play Teen Patti. The game has increased in popularity quite significantly in recent years. You used to be only able to play Teen Patti online in India, but it is now a worldwide phenomenon. This means more competition and better casinos – which is great for us as the players!

    However, with all the competition, finding the best live casinos online can be tricky. We can help you by pointing you in the right direction. Namely, the casinos listed below have incredible Teen Patti live offers:



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    Becoming a 1xBet customer is worth it. The account registration process is the easiest ever and you will open the doors to a never-ending adventure with live dealers. Players from many different backgrounds and with very limited budgets can comfortably play here, enjoying games of all shapes and sizes.


    7Bit Casino


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    7Bit has been consistently good, with a varied offer and very few real drawbacks. Not all payment methods are free of charge, which is perhaps the only notable letdown. The pros include a huge offer of different 7 Bit live casino games, a potentially massive 7Bit casino promo for new customers, and solid customer care policy.



    • What is the house edge in Teen Patti?

    Teen Patti has a house edge of around 3.35%. This may vary slightly depending on the table rules. Moreover, in a game like Teen Patti, some of it is up to the player. Because you can fold unfavorable hands, the house edge can be substantially decreased if you’re using the proper strategy. You can never completely overcome the house edge, thought.

    • What are the hands in Teen Patti?

    In the version of Teen Patti available in live casinos online, there are six possible hands. Ranked from strongest to weakest, they are:

    1. Straight flush – 3 consecutive cards of the same suit
    2. Three of a kind – 3 of the same cards, same rank. The best trio is 3 Aces, whereas 3 deuces are the lowest trio.
    3. Straight – 3 consecutive cards but they don’t need to be of the same suit
    4. Flush – 3 cards of the same suit
    5. Pair – 2 cards of the same rank
    6. High Card – no combinations, the highest card is the hand’s value
    • What are some tricks to win Teen Patti?

    The most important tip to win Teen Patti is to fold any hand that is weaker than Q-6-4. However, keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee winning. The game is mostly based on luck, and no tips and tricks can help you overcome the house advantage.

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