Live dealer games can be played for real money only.

It is a fact that sets them apart from RNG games which are sometimes available in free play or practice mode. However, no matter how RNG games may look good with their 3D visuals and realistic sounds, they cannot provide you with a genuine casino atmosphere. The good news is that some live dealer tables come with lower betting limits, which may be perfect for novice players.

If you have been wondering whether you can play Live Roulette without risking large amounts of money, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss playing low stakes Roulette at live tables. Even if you are a high roller who prefers playing at higher stakes, stay with us as you can learn the benefits of playing Roulette at low stakes.

What is Low Stakes Roulette?

Every Roulette table supporting bets lower than $1 can be considered low stakes Roulette. While virtual Roulette tables are popular for supporting a wider betting range that can start at $0.01 only, you should not give up on Live Roulette either. Bets at Live Roulette tables may not be that low, but you can bet on your favourite numbers at them with stakes starting at $0.10 or so. Not all Live Roulette tables accept wagers of such low value, but some of them do.

Speaking of bets, we need to clarify what a betting range refers to. Once you enter a Live Casino section of an online casino, you will see all live tables on offer. Typically, they feature a supported betting range. What you should pay attention to is whether the displayed betting range is given for the whole table or a Straight Up bet.

In most cases, a betting range applies to the former, but some software developers, like Playtech, advertise a range for betting on the Straight Up number only. Just bear this information in mind when considering which table you will join.

Low Stake Roulette Live Dealer Tables

We have studied Live Roulette tables at some of the best online casinos and these are the games that accept the lowest bets:

  • Speed Auto Roulette

Powered by Evolution Gaming, this Live Roulette variant accepts a minimum bet of $0.10 only. Speed Auto Roulette grants fast-paced gameplay thanks to rounds completed within 30 or 35 seconds only. You have 15 seconds only to place your bets and the game features no live dealer. With rounds taking less time than in the classic version of the game, Speed Auto Roulette provides you with more opportunities to win per hour. Yet,it is more suitable for experienced players.

  • Live Lightning Roulette

Another Evolution-powered Roulette variant you can play at a minimum bet of $0.10. This one comes with a few extras that will provide you with a highly exciting gaming experience. Combining live casino and RNG gameplay, Live Lightning Roulette introduces so-called Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers offering up to 500x multipliers for added excitement.

  • Live Double Ball Roulette

With a minimum allowed stake of $0.25, Live Double Ball Roulette is an Evolution table with a twist coming in the form of two balls spinning around the wheel. It offers two gold side bets that win if two balls land on any identical number or on a chosen number. With these wagers, players can win 35:1 and 1,300:1, respectively. Also, to win on inside bets, one of the balls must hit the number you have placed your bet on, while with outside bets, you win when both balls land in the selected area.

  • Auto Live Roulette NetEnt

Auto Live Roulette by NetEnt supports bets starting at $0.25 only. It is a fully automated game with no live dealer hosting it. Still, with the action streamed from the land-based studio, this Roulette variance provides you with a realistic gaming experience.

It's All About Bankroll Management

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of proper bankroll management. While we mention money management in almost every article we publish on our platform, this one screams for it. Given that live dealer games can be played with real money only, and that bets are set a bit higher than in the RNG counterparts, we need to take care of our budget. That’s why low stakes Roulette may be a perfect option to have fun while keeping your bankroll under control.

Before you join a Live Roulette table, make sure to set aside an amount you can afford to wager. Also, determine how much you can stake per round and whether you will combine more bet types or place one bet at a time. As you know, Roulette provides players with multiple betting options, which may be tempting especially when you play at lower stakes. If you want to play at low stakes, make sure that they stay low per round. If you combine several bets, they will add up to an amount which can exceed what we consider a low stake.

Benefits of Playing Live Roulette at Low Stakes

Some may think that playing Roulette at low stakes is not exciting enough. They may be right, but the fact that it is a safer option and that such a playing style can help you minimise your losses makes low stakes Roulette quite attractive. When you play at lower stakes, you can afford more spins and more rounds means more fun. Also, if you are new to the game of Roulette, and you still want to feel a genuine casino atmosphere instead of playing against the machine, Live Roulette tables supporting low stakes are a perfect fit for you.

With low stakes Roulette, you can start your casino adventure, learn the ropes and test betting systems and strategies. However, applying progressive betting strategies may not be a good option for you as they make you increase your wagers based on your performance.

Closing Thoughts

With low stakes Live Roulette, you can enjoy an authentic gaming experience without risking great amounts of your hard-earned money. Choose the table you like best and make sure to learn all the rules before you join it. What you should also keep in mind is that a betting range at Live Roulette tables may vary from casino to casino, so always check out the minimum stakes before you take a seat and start placing bets.

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