In 2019, NetEnt updated its live casino platform and introduced a few novelties including a fresh Live Roulette product.

Its name is Auto Roulette Studio, and it brings three different tables in one immersive environment. Players can choose from Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto-Roulette and VIP Auto-Roulette tables. They are set in a modern environment with the action captured and streamed in HD quality.

The best part of Auto Roulette Studio is that it enables the player to switch between the wheels, so stay with us to learn all you need to know before you join any of them.

Basic Rules and Gameplay

According to the developer, the days when Auto Roulette was hidden are gone. In December 2019, the Swedish provider of live casino solutions decided to give this Roulette variant the treatment it deserves by modernizing the look of the studio and wheels. Describing their latest Live Roulette product as groundbreaking, NetEnt brought three Auto Roulette wheels under the same roof. Or in the same room, to be precise.

Once they enter Auto Roulette Studio, players will see all three Roulette wheels in one space. They are Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto-Roulette and VIP Auto-Roulette. Upon entering, you can choose which one you will join without difficulty. What’s more, you can switch between games with a single click or tap. All the games use European Roulette rules, meaning that there is a single zero and a house edge standing at 2.70%.

The games are created with all kinds of players in mind, from those on a budget to high-rolling ones. The latter can join VIP Auto-Roulette supporting higher stakes. If you prefer fast-paced gameplay, you can opt for Rapid Auto-Roulette. They feature no live dealers and are available in 12 languages, thus allowing players from all corners of the world to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

When it comes to the studio itself, the wheels are placed in a modern setting designed in gold and red shades. In the main view, you see all three wheels, so you can simply click on the one you would like to play and switch between them without leaving the studio. You can enter the studio from the comfort of your home or on the go since the product is optimised for desktop and mobile gameplay. An unlimited number of players can join the table. The live chat feature enables them to interact with other players in real-time.

Placing Bets at Auto Roulette Studio

Once they join the table, players will hear instructions via an automated voice-over instead of real-life dealers. All three wheels are available 24/7, so you can play the games any time you want. In Classic Auto-Roulette and Rapid Auto-Roulette, rounds take 45 seconds while Rapid Auto-Roulette is a bit faster with rounds completed within 40 seconds.

When it comes to betting, the procedure is the same as in other Roulette games. You can choose from all the familiar options, including inside, outside and neighbour bets. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you will be able to select your favourite numbers without difficulty. Since the action takes place in real-time, you need to complete the betting on time, or you will miss the round.

Set the desired wager by picking the chips below the betting layout and place them on the bet(s) you like. If you wish, you can add your favourite wagers to the Favourites section and place them with a single click whenever you want. The Repeat button is also available allowing you to play the same bet again. NetEnt has included statistics with the panel displaying the winning numbers from the previous rounds. It also includes hot and cold numbers that can help you make your decisions.

As for a betting range, it is suitable for all kinds of players. Classic Auto-Roulette supports bets from $0.25 to $250. Those who prefer faster gameplay can wager lower amounts as a betting range at Rapid Auto-Roulette starts at $0.10 and goes up to $100. When it comes to VIP Auto-Roulette, it is designed with high rollers in mind, supporting wagers from $0.50 up to $500. So, whether you prefer to risk larger amounts you lean towards playing low stakes Roulette, you can find a wager that suits your needs.

How to Win at Auto Roulette Studio

As you know, Roulette is a game of sheer luck, and there is nothing you can do to increase your odds. However, what you can do is play low-risk bets such as outside bets like Columns, Dozens or even-money wagers. The game allows you to play Red/Black, Odd/Even or High/Low wagers. While they offer lower payouts, worth 2:1 and 1:1, outside bets are more likely to win, thus being more suitable for Roulette newbies.

If you like taking risks, there are plenty of options you can give a shot, from Straight-Up bets placed on single numbers, that can pay up to 35:1, to Street, Corners and so on. On the right-hand side, you will find neighbour bets, which are considered more complicated, but also offer higher prizes. Make sure to learn how all the bets work and what you can expect from them before you place your hard-earned money on them.

Some players believe that they should track patterns and hot and cold numbers. Others like to apply different progression betting systems when playing even-money wagers. We don’t want to persuade doing any of these as they don’t guarantee that you will win. Play any bet you like as long as you risk what you can afford. That would be the only piece of advice when it comes to the winning strategy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Auto Roulette Studio

The biggest advantage of playing Auto Roulette Studio would be switching between the wheels smoothly, without the need to go to the lobby and load another game. We really like how the whole environment looks, as it guarantees a genuine casino experience. The fact that all three games use European Roulette rules makes the NetEnt product even more attractive as its house edge is lower than the one in the American version of the game. Also, the games cater to players of different budgets and they are available in a variety of languages.

As for disadvantages, the biggest one is the lack of live dealers. After all, this is Auto Roulette Studio, so if you would like to play the game hosted by a real-life dealer, you can join other tables powered by the Swedish provider. NetEnt offers Live Roulette HD, where you can feel the genuine casino atmosphere thanks to professional dealers and the action taking place under your very eyes.

To conclude, Auto Roulette Studio caters to all kinds of players looking for exciting gameplay in a modern environment. Join the wheel you like and switch to another if you wish so, you have a total of three games just a click away from you.