BetGames is an industry-leading live casino software supplier with several chart-topping releases, most notably BetGames lucky live draw games. The brand’s popularity exceeds Lithuanian borders, as its content has found its way to the hearts of international audiences. Take BetGames Africa casinos, for instance. If there is anything punters in South Africa like to play, it’s BetGames Lucky 5,6 and 7.

Lucky 5, Lucky 7 live draw and Lucky 6 BetGames releases have become worldwide phenomena. Why are live lottery-style games so popular? What draws players to real-time casual live gaming? Let’s discuss.

What Are BetGames Lucky Live Draw Releases?

BetGames live lucky draws include a handful of popular lottery-style live releases. The three main ones include the Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7 live draw. It’s hard to pick a favorite as all three have incredibly loyal fans who play daily.

Although these three revamped releases have unique characteristics and differences, they are essentially lottery-style games that offer a plethora of wagering options according to balls drawn during one round. Based on their names, it is easy to guess where the draw leads – Lucky 5 includes a live draw of 5 numbered balls out of 36, while Lucky 6 is a ‘6 out of 60’ draw. BetGames Lucky 7, which shares the most similarities with the 5-ball variant, draws seven balls from a 42-ball lot.

To play each game, the rules are simple: fill the bet slip with betting options you like the most and wait for the draw. The hostess announces each ball/number as soon as it appears on-screen. The end of the round signals the payout – if you’ve won a wager successfully, you’ll automatically win. You have several minutes to regroup and potentially change your wagering choices before the next round starts.

Just like the lottery, each of these games features fast-paced gameplay, which includes number draws. However, they are different from the National Lottery in two ways: the numbers are drawn 24/7, not just on Sundays, and you have infinitely more betting options than you’d have for the old-school lottery.

To learn more about each release, stop by our live game reviews for draw odds, features, and live draw winning strategy.

Lottery-Style Games and Live Casino Players

Most live dealer games can be divided into two categories – games of skill and games of luck. Lottery, bingo, keno, and all live dice games are games of chance, as they involve little to no game proficiency. On the other hand, blackjack and poker are skill-based casino games, as players must wield gameplay abilities and learn the rules to play each game.

BetGames Lucky 5, 6, and 7 are lottery-style live games where players rely primarily on good fortune. You cannot control the draw and the balls. Instead, you rely on experience, statistics, and game history to point you in the direction of the subsequent outcome. In fact, BetGames Africa predictions are one of the most popular search entries punters from South Africa explore when playing releases at home.

Upon joining BetGames Africa casinos, punters also use Lucky 7 live draw guides and statistics reports as analysis material to help them devise a solid BetGames Lucky 7 strategy.

However, devising a winning strategy or learning helpful tips is not required for potential live draw enthusiasts. They do not require strategy or gameplay techniques – they only need time and a will to play.

Casino games with balls, i.e., all dice and lottery games, are meant as entertainment. Pure, effortless entertainment happening in real-time. Online casinos that pay real money are well aware that not all punters come for intense and risky games!

Sure, adrenaline levels are high at live Sic-Bo and live blackjack tables, but not everyone is interested in such experiences. Instead, punters go for toned-down gaming sessions, which involve less risk but more fun. And lottery-style live draw releases like BetGames lucky draw games are perfect examples of that.

Benefits of Lucky Draw BetGames

Understanding why punters prefer lottery games instead of playing live poker or blackjack at online casinos for real money is the key to understanding why BetGames live lucky draw games are so popular.

Live draws bring forth an element of mystery and surprise. Players never know which numbers will come up during the draw – and they cannot control it – which is precisely why they’re drawn to it.

Hence, we can say BetGames live lucky draw games like Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7 are popular because they include:

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • An element of unpredictability as no one controls the draw
  • Easy to play, i.e. straightforward rules
  • No skills and effort are required
  • Highly entertaining due to dozens of betting options
  • offers live Lucky 5/6/7 demo

Perhaps the most significant advantage of these releases is the accessible free demo for each live draw. Fans of the BetGames Africa experience enjoy playing BetGames live demos with promo money.

BetGames Live Lucky Draw Winning Strategy

As a live casino player, having questions is normal. And questions referring to beating live casino draw games are widespread.

How to win BetGames Lucky 5 live draw? The first thing to do is to go slow with lower bets and focus on even-money wagers. Moreover, avoid wagering on specific numbers – this strategy is quite risky, especially in Lucky 5 live draw.

Can you beat BetGames Lucky 6? You cannot beat it, but you can gain an advantage by carefully choosing wagering options. If you want to wager on total sums in color, your safest bets are game statistics and history. These reports contain necessary info about previous game rounds, and you can use them to form a prediction for your session.

How to win BetGames Lucky 7 live? Our top Lucky 7 live draw betting recommendation is wagering on total sums. When it comes to total sum wagering options, the best results come from More/Less Than 125.5 and More/Less Than 175.5. These betting variants have the best odds, besides Less Than 100.5 and Higher Than 200.5.

Can you beat live draw games? The answer is no; you cannot. However, you can learn how to bypass losing streaks. Your main goal should be to preserve funds you are not keen on losing. Low stakes and even-money options are a sure path to steady payouts and a calm gaming session.

Finally, a significant part of your strategy should be free play. already offers you live demo play, so why not use it? It is not often you see a live software supplier offering freeplay to its customers! Before you invest real cash, make sure to try out BetGames Lucky 5,6 and 7 demo games and their almost infinite betting options.

Parting Words

Sadly, we’ve reached the end of our article dedicated to the magnificent BetGames live lucky draw games. We’ve discussed their popularity, winning BetGames live strategy, and Lucky 6 live draw and Lucky 5 & 7 games.

So, why are BetGames live draws so popular? Because they provide limitless entertainment, a dynamic gaming experience, and easy-to-play games which capture the attention of punters worldwide. We cannot claim all live lottery games are as captivating as BetGames live releases, but we know one thing: knows how to make a creation that’s fascinating and yet undemanding. Just ask punters in South Africa – their love for live casino games often includes BetGames lucky draw games.

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