Online gambling in South Africa is booming as an industry as more and more players are drawn to the excitement of casino sites. Though online slots remain by far the most common interest among South African players, live casinos are not far behind. Especially in the last few years, when top live casino sites have been opening their doors to African players.

Here are some of the best live dealer games available to South African players. If you want to play live casino in South Africa and don’t know which games to look at, this is where you start.

Best Live Casino Games in South Africa List

This list was made for players looking for quick suggestions on what to play. That’s why we’ll dive straight into the suggestions and quickly describe what the games are all about. These are the 5 best live casino games in South Africa.

  • Quantum Roulette by Playtech
  • Monopoly Live by Evolution
  • Azure Blackjack by Pragmatic Play
  • Crazy Time by Evolution
  • Buffalo Blitz Live Slots by Playtech

That said, some may be wondering what makes these titles specifically attractive to South African players. Well, one of the more influential factors we considered is what South African players are already enjoying. We then compared this market research to our own live casino game reviews and ratings. Identifying which live casino games to play in South Africa from there was easy enough. After all, these are some of the most highly-regarded and innovative releases in the industry. In other words, no matter which type of player you are, you’ll likely find something on this list you’ll enjoy.

Quantum Roulette by Playtech

One thing is for sure – a good chunk of South Africans play live casino for the live roulette. That’s why we’ll start this list off with one of the best live roulette games on the market – Quantum Roulette.

Playtech’s flagship entry into the world of modified roulette games has a lot to offer on its own. First off, it’s a uniquely designed game that is sure to leave an impression. The Multiplier feature has proven to be quite a hit over the years, but it’s not the whole picture. You could play Quantum Roulette online for years and never even take advantage of the multipliers.

Beyond that, this suggestion doesn’t need much more explaining. South Africans love to play live roulette online, and Quantum Roulette is one of the best options available. Moreover, Playtech is one of the world’s largest gambling software providers. That means you’ll find this game at a wide range of top South African casinos online.

Monopoly Live by Evolution

Unlike roulette, this relatively new game is not something you’d find on a typical casino floor. Monopoly by Evolution is one of their most successful game-show-like live dealer games, and that says a lot. It’s not exactly a typical live casino hit either, making Monopoly a perfect pick if you’re looking for something a bit different.

The game was created in collaboration with Hasbro, the company behind the Monopoly board game. It’s meant to package the famous game into a live casino format. How much it succeeded is one thing – but it’s an incredibly fun game either way. Monopoly is all about predicting which number a giant wheel will land on, in the vein of a Wheel of Fortune. However, the various special features are what make the title truly memorable. It’s easy to get into, easy to enjoy, and bears the trademark Evolution mark of quality.

Azure Blackjack by Pragmatic Play

A lot of South African live casino fans enjoy live dealer blackjack, that much is certain. Still, picking a good one amongst all the options is no easy feat. However, here’s an easy suggestion of a new, top-notch live blackjack game that should be available to almost anyone.

One nice thing about Azure Blackjack is that it’s offered on a wide range of tables. These include different betting limits, VIP tables, and special high-roller privileges. Besides all that, however, it’s just a straightforward game of 21 that you know and love.

Like all top blackjack games, there are options and side bets to spice things up. However, the focus of the game remains squarely on keeping things in the spirit of old-school blackjack. The incredible presentation is one of the main advantages of Azure Blackjack, landing you straight onto the floor of a world-class casino. It’s a great live dealer blackjack title, and we feel plenty of South Africans can get a lot of mileage from Pragmatic Play’s offer.

Crazy Time by Evolution

Evolution has been quite creative with its money wheel speciality games, and Crazy Time is perhaps the high point of that creativity. It takes the same ideas as Dream Catcher or Monopoly and pushes them to their limit. Though some of you may prefer something a bit more classic, Crazy Time jumps out as absolutely beloved by thousands of South African players.

Entertainment value is the name of the game here. This title allows you to play live casino games like never before. Put simply, there’s nothing out there quite like Crazy Time, so the name is fitting. Much like Monopoly, the fun of this game hinges on its special features and various mini-games. Combined with professional presenters, these can keep you amused for hours on end.

Crazy Time has especially garnered popularity due to its interesting systems and mechanics. They involve understanding the RTP of different bets and how to best make use of them. Check out out guide to Crazy Time stats for more info.

Buffalo Blitz Live Slots by Playtech

We already mentioned that slots remain the most popular games in South African online casinos. Well, the concept of live casino slots hasn’t been fully explored yet. Not a lot of games boast such mechanics, which is a bit of a surprise. Still, if you want to play live slots online, Buffalo Blitz Live is likely the best offer currently available.

Essentially, live slots just allow you to pick a number of spins to play and watch it unfold. The true draw here is in the community experience of playing live casino slots with other players. It creates a sort of communal bond you wouldn’t get on just any old slot machine. Moreover, it was based on Buffalo Blitz, one of Pragmatic Play’s most successful slot titles. Experimental live table games such as this one are still a fresh concept, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have incredible fun with Buffalo Blitz Live.