Las Vegas
Let this be a lesson for all of you – never mark your cards in a casino or you will get caught!

You will find throughout the casino world that there are so many people trying to cheat their luck, and win big when it comes to the tables. Let this story serve as a warning to those that are going to try to fake their way through the game. Not only was one blackjack player trying to win the game, but they were trying to win it through fake cards that they made.

Needless to say, they were caught and they are now serving probation time due to it.

He walked into the casino, intent on committing theft by placing the fake cards on the table. His name? Archie Karas. He is well known throughout the poker world through various outlets, one of the most famous is when he took $50 and quickly made it into $40 million which didn’t last long. In 1995, he lost it all within a few months of winning it.

By placing the card in either his own hand or the dealers, and knowing what was going to be placed down next – he had the advantage. Being the last one to be dealt cards, he could either make his cards get closer to the 21, or he could make the dealer go bust, allowing him to cash out on the winnings. This however, was found out when he tried to play the few rounds using the made up cards.

He didn’t actually put any cards into the piles, but he would place a smudge on each of them using different colored substances, so he knew what they were worth. This would then allow them to make his move based on these colors on the opposite side. This was something that is deemed illegal throughout the casino.

He has to pay restitution fees due to the crime, and he also has three years of probation that need to be served for it. He hopes to return to Las Vegas, which is where his home is. However, the courts are unsure of whether or not this is a good idea due to the many casinos in the area.