We all love live casino games – this is LiveCasinos.com, after all. However, we're all very aware that out hobby can be a costly one. In the long run, most gamblers tend to lose.

But what if we could win just by playing?

That's exactly the idea behind this ongoing casino promotion you can find on WooCasino. If you haven't heard of Woo yet, we recommend checking out our review of this up-and-coming online gambling platform. Below, we'll explain the Live Race promotion you can find on this site, the prizes, and how to get in on the action.

Compete in Your Favourite Casino Games

Every active WooCasino player automatically takes part in this promotion. Every bet you make, win or lose, contributes to it and increases your chances of winning. The only restriction is that only games with live dealers qualify – which is perfect for our needs! If you prefer slots, though, the casino also offers a similar slot race.

Anyway, the WooCasino live race awards players points for placing bets on their favourite live tables. $1 in bets equals 1 point.

These points are then used to rank players on a leaderboard. The more you bet, the higher you place. The higher you place, the better your prize.

So What Are the Prizes?

The most exciting part is that the prize pool is progressive. This means that the players who are competing contribute to it. A part of every bet you make goes into the prize pool.

The more players take part during a week, the more the prize pool grows. Better-ranked players on the leaderboard get to take home a bigger chunk of the pool. It's all very simple, but oh so exciting.

As noted above, the promotion is active for every player who has ever deposited to WooCasino. All you need to do is head over there and register now!

18+ only. Terms and conditions apply.

Please gamble responsibly.