Just two weeks after it had been released, Age of the Gods Live Roulette has paid out another whopping jackpot, crushing a record along the way as well.

The anonymous player breaks record

As a part of Playtech’s Age of the Gods Suite that connects progressive jackpots from all their games, giving players the opportunity to win bigger and more often than before, this game has already paid out €1 million to its lucky players and one in particular has been fortunate the most to win largest-ever omni-channel win.

A lucky factory worker, that chose to stay anonymous, won a massive €599,380 at Casino.com last Thursday. He came home after a night shift and decided to relax and try his luck. After unlocking the Ultimate Power Jackpot, the highest tier of four others in the mystery jackpot from the suite of games, he hit it big time on his mobile phone.

“I was crying when I saw the big jackpot amount hit my account and I was in total shock. I have three children and this jackpot will change my life. I'm so happy!” he said.

Age of the Gods ONE Innovation

Wins like these are special because of the “Omni-channel” pool which means that jackpot is taking bets from all the games in Playtech’s collection.

A small percentage of player’s stake goes towards a four-tier progressive Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot with every spin so there is a jackpot level for every type of player. Players can win on the table if they hit the right number, color or the right combination of the two but also possibly win huge prizes across a four-tier mystery jackpot with every spin of the wheel.

This chance for two types of winning is provided by Playtech’s innovative system ONE. This innovation is what allows pools to be connected across hundreds of casinos. This network is unique in the industry and Playtech is definitely a pioneer in the gaming industry since being the first one to include the ONE functionality in a live product, Age of the Gods Live Roulette.

Operating from its new studios in Latvia, Playtech continues to drive innovation and are delightful to see a record-breaking win on a mobile. The instant success of their product is only a testament that the sky is their limit.