Spread Bet Roulette Rules and Payouts
Spread Bet Roulette is a new Live Roulette game launched by Playtech. Image: Betfair

To make traditional table games more appealing to players, software developers include different features in them. Lately, more and more traditional games with additional features have been launched and Spread Bet Roulette is one of them. Brought to you by Playtech, it is a Live Roulette variant offering payouts of up to 400:1.

Spread Bet Roulette Rules and Gameplay

The game uses the rules of European Roulette, with 37-number wheel featuring a single zero. However, instead of one wheel, it uses two wheels – the outer and inner one. The inner, golden wheel is smaller and features the same numbers as the outer one. This wheel allows you to place optional, so-called Spread Bets we will discuss later in the article. Basically, with these side bets, you place your wager to predict the sums of the numbers on the outer and the inner wheel.

As for the gameplay, it does not differ from other Roulette variants. The game is hosted by a real-life dealer and starts with a player placing their chips on the desired regular and side bets. You can play as many bets as you like provided your total bet does not exceed the maximum bet allowed at the table.

Once you place your bets, you press the Spin button and the outer wheel spins in one direction, while the inner wheel spins in the opposite direction. When the inner wheel locks to the outer wheel and the ball lands in one of the pockets of the outer wheel, the outcome of the game is determined. As you play the game, you will be able to see the result history from the previous game rounds. Also, you can see the percentage bar showing the probability of winning on the played bet.

Regular and Spread Bets

At a Spread Bet Roulette table, you can play all standard inside and outside bets as well as Neighbor bets. If you want to play Neighbor bets, click the Neighbors button on the Betting Table view with five numbered buttons. You can also play a Tier, Orphelins or Voisins Du Zero bet if you wish so.

As for Spread bets, you play them to predict the sum of the numbers on the regular, outer wheel and the number aligning with it on the inner wheel. This is the lowdown of Spread bets payouts:


In addition, landing the ball on the green 0 on the outer wheel will pay out even money on all Spread bets you have played regardless of whether they have won or not.

If you play a Neighbors bet and any of the numbers wins, a payout of 35:1 is granted. With Neighbors bets you predict which number will fall in the pocket on the outer wheel only.

Spread Bets House Edge

Spread Bet Roulette comes with a house edge of 2.70%, just like the European version of the game. As for side bets, each of them has its own house edge.

  • Spread bet 0-1 has a house edge of 6.72%
  • Spread bet 2-11 has a house edge of 6.94%.
  • Spread bet 12-18 has a house edge of 4.60%.
  • Spread bet 19-33 has a house edge of 5.84%.
  • Spread bet 34-54 has a house edge of 6.50%.
  • Spread bet 55-67 has a house edge of 3.43%.
  • Spread bet 68-72 has a house edge of 5.84%.

Where to Play Spread Bet Roulette?

Spread Bet Roulette can be played on desktop and mobile devices. If you opt for the latter, you can play the game in landscape or portrait mode. The game is available at Playtech-powered live casinos.

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