BetGames is an industry-leading live casino supplier with over 10 games in the versatile portfolio.

Aiming to freshen up the live dealer world, BetGames offers interactive casino games with exclusive features. In this interview with, its COO, Aiste Garneviciene tells us more about its games, plans and even some secrets!

  1. Hello and welcome to, the world’s most comprehensive live dealer review website. Today, we have the honor of speaking to Aiste Garneviciene from BetGames. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Could you tell us more about your position in the company?

In a nutshell, as COO, my job is to ensure BetGames.TV is established as one of the industry’s most exciting live dealer and betting games suppliers, overseeing and driving our uniquely immersive betting experience, through a highly capable growth strategy.

Along with my fantastic team, I develop and promote our one-of-a-kind live dealer products within existing markets we operate in and by introducing the vertical to new regions. Our overall strategy has been effective and has positioned BetGames.TV as an extremely valuable partner in the recent challenging months, with our live dealer content being one of the true use cases of cross-selling into betting games from sportsbook.

  1. How ambitious is BetGames about changing the game within the live casino sector?

Very much so. Our corporate motto is ‘Stay Unique’ and while that’s not an easy task when you’re trading in a hugely competitive environment, we feel our one-of-a-kind catalogue goes a long way towards supporting that ethos. To that end, we’ve embarked on a significant overhaul of our existing, highly-successful product range to keep pace with an ever-changing industry and that is continuing with our Lotto suite, which was launched this week. The changes we’re making across our portfolio aren’t just cosmetic, but run throughout the offering, from technology used to security and gameplay elements. We’re really excited by the dynamic innovations we’re introducing and I’m sure our partners and players will be too!

  1. What are your specific business plans and growth strategies in the following year or two? Are any new markets on the horizon?

We’ve recently opened our new Malta office which is going to be populated by over a hundred new colleagues as our growth accelerates. It will be used as the perfect platform to manage not only our growth into new markets but to service our existing valued partners. In terms of markets, while our traditionally strong regions like Eastern Europe, Italy and South Africa will continue to be cultivated accordingly, we’re also looking at expansion in Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine and Georgia. There’s a lot to go at but with our revamped commercial department, we have close to triple the resources from last year to have the helping hands in place to support the day-to-day.

  1. Let’s talk about specific games. We particularly enjoyed Wheel of Fortune. Could you comment on that number? What is your personal favorite from the colorful portfolio?

Wheel of Fortune is of course a classic and one of our most popular products. As I mentioned earlier, we recently gave it an overhaul to keep it fresh and there ended up being so many exciting new changes! From the scenery with enhanced visual effects, the background music, the way of presenter works in the studio, the full-screen mode (‘mobile first’ approach) to the wheel itself. We haven’t changed the round speed as yet, but it’s definitely on the table and something we’re currently discussing – we want our players to get comfortable with the new set-up before speeding up the game for more action. There will possibly be more improvements in in-game statistics to come too.

Picking a favourite is like picking your favourite member of the family! But as War of Bets was my brainchild, there’s a special place in my heart for it! I’m so proud that it has gone on to become one of our fastest growing games on global markets, and it really shows what you can do when you and your team thinks outside of the box.

  1. Moving on, Live Rock Paper Scissors is out of this world. Our readers have been loving it. Where did the idea for this one-of-a-kind game come from?

The general idea to create a Rock Paper Scissors game for a live dealer studio had been on the table for a couple of years. We wanted to create a game that is well-known globally and this most certainly fits that bill – it may go by different names in certain parts of the world, but it always retains the same principle. There are some variations, but the basic game is iconic and one of the most popular social games in the world and that is the main reason why we went with it.

We were thinking at one stage about offering different formats (including dice or a mini lottery) but due to regulatory concerns and the need to maintain the game’s speed, we decided to go with custom cards.

  1. Live 6+ Poker is another stunning and immersive release by BetGames. Its juxtaposed qualities that feature baccarat and poker make it absolutely unique. Is this the creative road that the company is looking to take in the future?

Like with War of Bets, we’re always looking for ways to revolutionise some of the more traditional games and play styles that players love. What’s key though is that we don’t transform the originals to a point where they become unrecognisable and lose the reason why players love them in the first place! That balance is all important and we’re confident that we’ve achieved that so far. As already mentioned, we’re revamping a lot of our games currently, so stay tuned for future updates!

  1. Let’s talk about the ‘Bet On’ series. Bet On Poker and Bet On Baccarat are outstanding. Do you find that these riveting variants resonate with players more than the classic versions of the games?

We constantly aim to engage our end-users as well as increase productivity and gameplay for our clients. 6+ Poker is a game that brings out all the best elements of poker and increases interactivity and creates an immersive experience. It offers something a little extra while retaining the allure of the original and that’s what we try to do at BetGames. We’re not just another supplier, producing cosmetically reskinned versions of the same game player can experience just anywhere. Like our motto, we stay unique!

From feedback we’ve found that they like this alternate version allows for players to land more hands and feel immersed in the game. It is both subtly and radically different from a traditional poker hand, with a 36-card deck producing big hands more often.

  1. At ICE London, Bet Games introduced jackpots and leaderboards. Is this something you plan on building further? What can our players expect from BetGames in 2021?

Well, along with getting settled into our new Malta home and welcoming all our new team members and our continued growth into new regions, we’re hard at work on a new product line that we believe will completely disrupt the live dealer industry. Hopefully making its debut as early as the end of this year, it will be the silver bullet for introducing us to even more new markets and new commercial partnerships. It’s going to be big, but everyone will just have to sit tight until they hear more!

Again, we thank Aiste for taking the time from their busy schedule. We at Live Casinos know that BetGames is a devoted brand continually looking for innovative tools and features. Stay tuned and watch our news section for the latest updates from BetGames!