The US online casino market has always been somewhat separate from the rest of the world. This has a lot to do with inconsistent gambling legislation, more so than any real difference in the markets themselves. Either way, Americans are considerably more limited in their choices when it comes to live online gambling. Before you even start looking, you always have to check which live dealer games are available in the US.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best live table casino games in America, hand-picked by experienced players. We’ll try to cover as many different bases as possible, too.

List of Best Live Casino Games in America

Before we begin, we’ll have to point out a few things. First of all, the games are not listed in any particular order. After all, a roulette fan may not be looking to play live online blackjack, and vice versa. Also, gambling regulations vary across state lines, which means licensing may also become an issue. This effectively means that the availability of some of these titles may depend on the state you live in.

That said, all of the listed games were made to focus specifically on the US live casino market. We’ve listed a diverse set of games that are perfect if you’re just starting out and don’t really know what you’re looking for. However, players with some experience can also find useful pointers on which releases stand out and why.

With that out of the way, here are’s top live casino games to play in the USA.

Visionary iGaming Live American Blackjack

This title doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to its target audience. ViG is one of the most prominent US-facing live casino software providers, and this is their flagship project. It’s a game for true, old-school blackjack lovers. The rules mirror those that you’d find in a Vegas Strip casino, and the overall presentation is straightforward and focused on the game itself. Even the UI is somewhat stripped-down by today’s standards, but that’ not a bad thing in most players’ eyes.

If you just want to play blackjack live with no unnecessary distractions, play VIG Live Blackjack. It offers flawless streaming even with mediocre internet connections and wide betting limits to fit any budget. There are even a few side bets to spice things up.

Global Gaming Labs Live Casino Hold’em

Texas Hold’em remains a hallmark of American gambling, and one of the most popular gambling games around. However, organizing a classic game of Hold’em poker online can be a challenge. Anyone who ever had to get 10 people together knows exactly what we’re talking about. Besides, sometimes you just don’t want to go through the time and effort required for a true game of poker.

If this rings true for you, you can always play live Casino Hold’em online. It’s a special variant developed for the casino floor. Instead of playing against each other, gamblers instead face the dealer and the house – as with any casino game. The heart of Texas Hold’em is the same, though – combining a 2-card hand with community cards to arrange well-known combinations. It’s a fun and exciting ruleset and Global Gaming Labs did a great job in bringing it to the US market. Their variant is currently one of the only ways to play poker at an online casino in the USA.

Visionary iGaming Enhanced Payout American Roulette

If you have any real experience with playing roulette, you’re aware of the issue with American roulette wheels. The double zero is always worse for players, plain and simple. As such, any smart gambler has since learned to stick to European variants. However, Visionary iGaming, with its focus on online roulette in the US, decided to flip the script.

What they did is incredibly simple – they just bumped up the payouts to compensate for the increased house edge of two zero pockets. For example, Even Money bets like Red/Black pay 1:1.06 instead of the usual 1:1. It might look strange and be frustrating if you like round numbers, but it works incredibly well! The effective Return to Player rate was increased to 97.58%! That beats out even European roulette wheels and their 27.30%.

When you think about it, it’s a monumental achievement in online roulette. We’re quite surprised the idea never became more popular, but the strange odds may be the main reason for that. Either way, this is hands-down one of the best American roulette games to play online.

Global Gaming Labs Live Baccarat

We wouldn’t do this list justice if we didn’t mention at least one US live baccarat game. After all, it’s one of the “big three” of any casino floor.

If you like to keep things simple and classy, baccarat is the game for you. However, with a concept as straightforward as this game, the devil is in the details. Usually, the things that really make a live dealer baccarat game good are things like the presentation, side bets, and the overall experience. GGL’s take nails these things perfectly. It’s packed with handy features like statistics, bet trackers, and a small but effective offer of side wagering options. More importantly, this title truly succeeds at bringing the experience of playing baccarat at a casino to your screen.

Due to all of these reasons, we see it as one of the best ways to play live table baccarat in America.

This concludes our list of recommended US live casino games, but there’s still plenty more great titles out there. If you’d like some more advice on the best live casino in America and how to find the games listed, you can find more info here.