Costa Rica-licensed 5Dimes Casino is all about live casino and jackpots this month!

If you opt for playing live dealer Blackjack this month, you can scoop some significant rewards.

Super 7-7-7 Progressive Jackpot

Exclusively for 5Dimes Casino, this live casino campaign was created to please the loyal players of this marvellous online gambling venue!

The 7-7-7 Progressive Jackpot competition is available on the Vegas Live Dealer American Blackjack tables. At the moment, the jackpot prize is seeded at €5,000. It is growing based on the progressive bet. It’s up to you how much you win!

There are three different 7-7-7 Progressive Jackpot rewards in this promo. They can be rendered in the following fashions:

  • GRAND Prize: wins the entire Jackpot with three 7’s Diamonds.
  • Mini Jackpot 1: Player wins €1,000 with any three RED 7’s – hearts and diamonds.
  • Mini Jackpot 2: Player wins €100 with any three 7’s.

A Simple Rule

The straightforward regulation goes as follows: you need to either Hit or Double a pair of 7’s for a shot to receive the third seven.

In order for the casino to dish out any of the jackpots to you, you need to be in a seat of a live casino game at the Vegas Live Dealer. There also needs to be a bet at a table and on the progressive chest (€1). These are the basic requirements for any jackpot.

A Side Note

Rummy Side Bets and Back Bets, Turbo Games action and Pair Side Bets are not eligible for winning the Super 7-7-7 Progressive Jackpot.

Once one of the jackpots is won, the champion will have it automatically credited to their 5Dimes account. Bets of up to €100 accumulate 100% of the amount wagered in points.

Please gamble responsibly. When the fun stops, you should, too.

Go head-first to 5Dimes Live Casino today!