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How to Play: Live Casino Hold’em Tutorial

Live Casino Hold’em Tutorial

Casino Hold'Em is an attractive option for poker fans looking to play poker online. It's essentially a variant of Texas Hold'em adapted for casino play. If you're looking to learn how to play Casino Hold'em live, you've come to the right place.

This version of poker is a variation of that uses community cards and 2-card hands for players. If you're familiar with how Texas Hold'em works, you should have an idea about how Casino Hold'em is different from other casino poker games. In this Casino Hold'em tutorial, we'll dive into the basic rules and gameplay of this game in live dealer casinos.


Casino Hold'em offers solid payouts and a variety of betting options for those looking to play poker online.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents


    Hold 'em or Fold 'em?

    Casino Hold’em Hand Rankings

    If you’re familiar with poker at all, you should know how common poker hands rank. Still, we’ll rank all the possible hands for the sake of clarity.

    Here are all the Casino Hold’em hands, ranked from strongest to weakest:

    1. Royal Flush
    2. Straight Flush
    3. Four of a Kind
    4. Full House
    5. Flush
    6. Straight
    7. Three of a Kind
    8. Two Pairs
    9. Pair
    10. High Card

    These hands are made using common Poker rules. As noted above, the payout of the Ante bet in Casino Hold’em depends on the strength of your hand.

    Casino Hold’em Payouts

    The Call or Play bet in Casino Hold’em always pays 1:1. Essentially, your money is doubled if you win, no matter how strong your hand is.

    However, the payouts of the Ante bet vary depending on the hand you used to win. Note that the Ante paytable is used even if the dealer does not qualify. All five community cards are revealed at that point anyway, and the player used them to create poker hands as usual.

    Casino Hold’em Ante Bet Paytable
    Royal Flush100:1
    Straight Flush20:1
    Four of a Kind10:1
    Full House3:1
    Straight or Weaker1:1

    Importantly, these Casino Hold’em payouts are not always consistent and may vary depending on the table rules. We’ve seen Casino Hold’em live dealer games offer both better and worse odds. Be sure to always check the rules of the game before playing because the house edge of Casino Hold’em depends on such details.

    Assuming the payout structure listed above is used, the house edge in Casino Hold’em is 2.16%, which means the RTP is 97.84%

    There is no raising in this game as there is in other casino poker options. The game betting options are pretty basic and they are very easy to understand, which is beneficial to any new player. In regards to game moves, there are not many choices to be made, which is why this game is preferred by many players who want a simple form of poker to enjoy at top live dealer casino sites.

    Best Casinos to Practice and Play Live Casino Hold’em

    With just a little practice and some patience, any player can master Casino Hold Em and can enjoy the great action of the live dealer game. There are not many strategies that are in play with this game, so it is a great choice for even the newest online gamblers looking to score some great poker payouts. Casino Hold Em is not an overwhelming game and with simple betting options, it can be enjoyed by those of all skill levels.

    However, if you’re interested in learning more about how to play Casino Hold’em well, check out these pages:

    Lastly, we should also highlight the importance of picking the right casinos to play Casino Hold’em live. Your choice will decide the tables, rules, and variants available. Moreover, picking the right casino means that you’ll have access to exclusive bonuses and promotions.

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    You first need to buy into the round by placing an Ante bet. After the Flop is dealt, you decide whether to Fold or make a Call bet. The dealer qualifies with a pair of 4s, after which all 5 community cards are dealt and the player and dealer hands compared according to standard Texas Hold’em rules. Read the Casino Hold’em tutorial above for more details.

    Yes, but the rules and gameplay have been adapted to fit casinos. Check out our guide for more info on how and where to play Texas Hold’em in online casinos.

    • What are the odds on Texas Hold’em in the casino?

    Ante bets in casino Texas Hold’em pay anywhere from 1:1 to 100:1 for a Royal Flush. Call bets always pay 1:1. All of this combines for a relatively small house edge of 2.18%.

    • What should I know before playing poker at a casino?
    Casino poker is much more beginner-friendly, which makes it welcoming to new players. However, you should be aware that there is no truly reliable way of beating Casino Hold’em in the long run. The rules have been adapted to fit the casino format, which includes an inherent house advantage that is not easy to overcome.
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