Experience tends to shape the way we think about things.

If you are used to playing blackjack a certain way, you will probably stick to that method. The same is true with the live dealer industry! Companies that are part of it have learned to operate in a certain way. They know what works, and do not foray too far from safe areas.

However, sometimes the best thing you can do is rock the boat! Just because things were traditionally done one way does not mean that is the way it has to be. There can be better ways that nobody else has tried until now. This is certainly Vivo Gaming’s approach to live casinos in recent years. Rather than trying the same things everyone else is, the team is hard at work with its own projects.

It seems like the software provider is poised to expand very quickly if they play their cards right. In this article, we will go over the latest news surrounding Vivo Gaming. Will they succeed in upsetting the live dealer industry and placing their name in the spotlight? There is only one way to find out!

Brand New Partnerships

One of the biggest advantages Evolution has over its competition is its size. The software provider is everywhere. Register at an online casino, and they host Evolution live dealer games nine times out of ten. In an effort to break up their dominance, Vivo Gaming has been hard at work strengthening their own platform. Which begs the question: what was the developer up to recently?

For starters, they reached a content agreement with slot maker Arrow’s Edge Gaming. That means their latest and greatest slots will be added to the ever-growing suite of releases available at Vivo Gaming’s platform. Live casino games prefer multiple smaller wins to a big jackpot prize. The partnership with Arrow’s Edge gives them a way to fix that, as their most popular slots are focused on winning big!

The company also made an agreement with WeAreCasino, or WAC for short. The companies agreed to have Vivo Gaming live dealer proprietary games appear in WAC’s portfolio of premium products. The team behind WAC is quite impressive. They achieved explosive growth despite being a very young company.

Another recent announcement that bolstered the company was a partnership with Princess Group International. With this agreement, Vivo Land Based solution is able to stream a variety of poker and live casino gaming tables! All tables are located on-site at Princess Casino, giving interested players an option for extra immersion.

Asian Expansion

Players from Asia are somewhat used to being placed second. Most developers are based in western countries and primarily focus on the European market. In recent years, we have seen that trend changing. Many recently released games like Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo take inspiration from Asia. Vivo Gaming is ready to take it one step further by gunning for the Asian market full speed ahead!

To start with, the software provider signed an agreement with Queenco Hotel & Casino in Cambodia. With this arrangement, the developer will create a dedicated studio with a unique Asian concept! Queenco’s real live tables will be streamed using the Vivo Land Based solution. With this agreement, the list of available casino games that Vivo Gaming offers grows considerably!

On top of that, the software provider is launching a dedicated studio for SA Gaming. The company is one of the most recognizable brands in the Asian market, which makes this a big deal for Vivo Gaming! SA Gaming can boast impressive feats such as Asian Platform Provider of the Year from the 2019 Malta Gaming Awards. The developer will launch their branded studio in Bulgaria, with five baccarat and one European roulette table.

Brand New Studio

You might think we are done talking about Asia, but there is even more news tied to the region! The developed plans to open a new studio in the Philippines, collaborating with Glorious Throne Data company to do so. The new studio will be called Vivo Galaxy, and will feature Vivo Gaming’s latest baccarat, roulette and dragon tiger entries!

At launch, the studio will be home to four baccarat tables and one European roulette table. More tables are planned to be added later in the year! The studio also meets PAGCOR regulations. Partnerships and agreements are one thing. A new studio primarily aimed at an Asian market shows how serious the developers are about expanding there!

Will they succeed? We definitely think so. Vivo Gaming has experience opening studios that primarily target underserved markets. The software provider did it once with its Latin American studios. With more than a decade of experience and a strong start, we have no doubt the developer will meet our expectations.

New Games, Too!

New studios often mean an expanded offering of games. We will definitely see more baccarat and other interesting titles in their new studio. That said, they are also looking to launch their first poker live casino table. The game they designed will be based around Casino Hold’em. It will allow an unlimited number of people to play at the same time and face off against the dealer.

Vivo Gaming plans to host the game in their new Bulgarian studio. This release will use excellent HTML5, state of the art graphics and user experience innovations. In fact, a company spokesperson even said they are building a new user interface for this game! We were excited by the announcement, but we have yet to see the title in action. Given the software provider’s current track record, we are predicting moderate success.

Vivo Gaming’s Future

Fun as speculating can be, we know better than to put down our thoughts as fact. After all, we never could have predicted Evolution Gaming buying NetEnt, and yet that undeniably happened. Given the general uncertainty of recent events, we cannot say anything. That said, we do think Vivo Gaming’s strategy of expanding eastward is a very good one.

We would not classify the software provider as arriving late at the party. However, other companies, like the aforementioned Evolution, simply did a better job at establishing themselves. Vivo Gaming always had quality software and engaging dealers. It just lacked the funding needed to compete with the large names in the live dealer industry. The moves it made recently could certainly change that!

As it stands, Playtech and Evolution Gaming lead the way with new and innovative releases. If Vivo Gaming wants to grow to compete with them, it needs some experimental releases of its own. Something interesting like game shows or live slots that will draw people in through sheer curiosity. If they succeed in the Asian market, it can give the company the needed funding to create new and innovative titles.

Even if they never reach the same heights, they will undoubtedly upset the live dealer industry. Vivo Gaming’s growth will show there is plenty of money to be found in the East. It might cause other developers to try to capture their own piece of the pie. Nobody knows what the future holds. If you want our opinion though, Vivo Gaming’s future is looking very bright right now.