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Roulette Betting Systems – Top Betting Strategies or Gambling Myths?

Although it’s undeniable that roulette is strictly based on chance, strategy for roulette is a common point of discussion among casino fans. Specifically, roulette betting systems are often presented as fool-proof strategies to win roulette. At the very least, they’re supposed to minimize risks and maximize profits. How do roulette systems work, though? Do they even work in the first place? In this article, we’ll take a close look at some of the most common betting systems for this game. ...


Third Card Rules in Baccarat

Arguably the most complicated thing about punto banco is the so-called Baccarat third card rule. That’s the part that determines when to draw the third card while playing Baccarat. Don’t get us wrong – it’s nothing scary or overly technical. It’s just that the simplicity of this game is one of its main advantages, yet even experienced players are sometimes boggled by this mechanic. The third card rule in Baccarat has several steps used to determine whether the Player or Banker hand en...


XL Roulette Strategy Guide – How to Play XL Roulette to Its Full Potential

The release of Authentic Gaming’s XL Roulette brought the multiplier roulette “genre” to the next level. It’s no wonder our review of the game has nothing but praise for it. Authentic left a very strong impression with the title, so it’s time to look back and the game and what it has to offer. XL Roulette is an innovative live casino roulette game that allows players to set different levels of volatility. We’ll start by going into the details of how XL Roulette works. Then, we’ll ...