With the rising popularity of live casino tables, many software providers have gotten in on the action.

Their experience and quality may differ, but they all offer us the same game we all know and love! While they may be new to the party, Pragmatic Play's tables have quickly risen in popularity. It is easy to see why: the quality is top-notch!

The company launched its offering in 2019. They started with a wide variety of releases. The vast majority were based on baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. As their live casino games grew in popularity, new items were added. Among the latest are popular variants of existing titles like Speed Baccarat and Roulette Macao. We look forward to seeing what new titles appear in their library in the future!

If you are a fan of Pragmatic Play slots but have never dabbled in other casino games, we recommend checking their library out. All their live casino entries offer the same level of quality we see from their slots. All of them are streamed directly from their studio in Bucharest to guarantee everything is running smoothly. In this article, we will cover a few of their tables. How they work, their quality, and if they are worth checking out.

Live Blackjack

Unlike other software providers, Pragmatic Play's Live Blackjack has a limited number of seats. There is seven seats in total, and one player can occupy multiple positions! If you choose to play more than one seat, note that all wagers on one will be duplicated on the other. There are always several tables running, so you should always be able to find a room. However, if you are supremely unlucky, you can take advantage of the Bet Behind feature.

Each round is played with eight decks, each one consisting of 52 cards. It plays following Vegas rules. Blackjack pays 3:2 when won, and an insurance bet is available. The dealer always stands if they draw a seventeen. The round begins with the betting period, during which you place your bets. You wager on the main bet and side bets separately. You have until the timer ends to make your decisions.

At that point, the dealer will draw two cards for each position currently played, and two for themselves. One dealer hand is visible, while the second remains face down. You can then draw, stand, double down or split. The first three can be played at any time, while splitting is only available if you have a pair. If you need help playing this table, we suggest checking out our basic blackjack strategy that works for most variants of the game!

Live Roulette

Pragmatic Play's Live Roulette is played on a Huxley wheel, following European rules. This means there is a single zero, and a lower house edge as a result. Unlike the blackjack table, there is an unlimited number of positions. That means thousands of players can play at the same time without issue! Do not worry, you cannot see the wagers of other punters, so they will not distract you while playing.

One thing we really like is the immersive experience the developers went for with multiple camera angles. They swap frequently to keep you focused on the action or the dealer as needed. The quality of the stream is top-notch, allowing for impressive video quality. Furthermore, you can choose to zoom out and minimize the stream window, which allows you to focus on setting up bets.

We were quite taken with the impressive user interface. It is easy to use and looks elegant. The timer ticking down is a green bar that slowly changes colour as the time for betting runs out. The statistics page is very informative, as well. It tells you hot and cold numbers and allows you to bet on them directly by clicking on the number. You can also customise how far back the statistics page is looking, from the last fifty to the last five hundred rounds.

Live Baccarat

Of course, the other two games require a bit of strategy to maximize their profit. In the article discussing skill versus luck in live casino games, we mentioned baccarat offers a bit of both. How easy or complicated you want to make this game is down to you. Pragmatic Play gives you all the options and lets you decide!

All tables come with a toggle allowing you to swap between regular and no commission baccarat. You simply press the Super 6 button, and the payouts are swapped automatically. The user interface is split into large squares, giving you a clear distinction for each bet. It immediately tells you what payout you can expect.

For the main three bets, it also gives you a percentage that tells you what other punters are betting on. The Big/Small side bet is only available until after 31 hands are dealt to prevent card counting exploits.

On both sides of the betting field, you can find roadmaps. The right side roadmap is predictive. You can see how the results would look in case of a future player or banker wins.  This helps you catch trends before they form: great for gamblers who like that sort of thing! The dealers draw two cards for each hand, and two cards for the eventual third card. If a third card is not drawn for that round, those cards become the first card for the two main hands.

Other Releases

These three games are the primary Pragmatic Play live tables. That said, there are several other releases that we feel are worth mentioning.

Speed Baccarat is visually and functionally identical to their live baccarat table. There is one major difference: all cards are dealt face up. This speeds up the pace of each round significantly, which is perfect for more experienced punters. The betting time is also slightly shorter, so you have to be quick with your wagers!

We enjoy the presence of dealers and enjoy chatting with them. That said, if you are looking for a version that is all about roulette, then Pragmatic Play's Auto Roulette is the perfect pick for you! There are no gameplay differences compared to their live roulette table.

Wrapping Up

We had high expectations for this developer, and they managed to meet our demands on every front.

Superb video quality, fun games, and engaging dealers are all qualities shared across all of their tables. If you never played one of Pragmatic Play's releases, then you are missing out! We wholeheartedly recommend checking them out.