Dual Play Tables
What are Dual Play tables all about?

What are Dual Play Tables?

With the expansion of live casinos, streamed 24/7 from different locations across the world, Live Dealer software developers and casino operators soon found a new way to keep the players engaged and double the fun. By introducing a Dual Play Table option, the online players are enabled to share the experience with the land-based casino visitors and to taste some real-time, brick and mortar casino action.

One of the greatest benefits of Dual Play Tables is that there are no restrictions on when and where you can join the table. The software is compatible with multiple devices (the same as the regular, studio-based table) which means that you can have a full casino access and launch the game even on your mobile or tablet device.

When did it all start?

The first developer to start the trend was none other than Evolution Gaming, the leading Live Table provider, with probably the highest selection of the most popular Live Dealer games and their variations. The table that started the fall of The Berlin Wall between the regular and online casino players was launched in 2015, streaming live Roulette action straight from Evolutions’ s Dragonara casino located in Malta. New Dual Play Tables followed, and soon, online gamblers were able to mingle with players from around the world without leaving the comfort zone of their living rooms.

With the level of positive reaction that welcomed Dual Play Roulette table, Baccarat Dual Play Table has been the next logical step. Hopefully, the offer will expand in the near future and more table games will get their own Dual Play Table variations.

The rules of playing at Live Dual Tables

As far as the rules are concerned, not a lot is different from a standard studio version, where the players only share the table with the dealer and other online visitors. When the time comes for you to place your bets, the sign will appear on the screen, prompting you to submit the stake via the in-game commands – just as you would do if you were playing at a regular Live Table.

If you are concerned about the noise level or whether or not you will have a clear view of the game, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Both the table and the wheel are shot from multiple angles, covering every nook and cranny of the session in progress.

Should you still need reinforcement, virtual table layout is provided on the screen, together with the advanced settings that allow you to adjust the background noise, save favourite bets, select the viewing mode and even access the game history and hot/cold numbers tracker. Chat Box is available in the Dual Play Tables and in case you need to strike up a conversation or seek additional assistance, simply click on the icon located on the upper right or lower left side of the screen.

What are the advantages of Dual Play tables?

Dual Play Tables can host an unlimited number of players and their main advantage (apart from not having to wait for a spot to clear in order to play) is the thrill you get by actually engaging in an authentic social event – something no Live Table streamed from a studio can make up for.

The position of cameras will leave no angle hidden from the online visitor and the video quality is exceptional, not to mention multiple device and platforms compatibility, direct communication line, wide betting range, virtual table layout, advanced gaming commands and table of statistics. Pretty much like having a Cyborg vision that enables you to quickly and efficiently process data while the actual casino visitors are still getting ready to place their bets.