BetConstrunct launched live Keno game.

BetConstruct has announced the addition of a new live casino game to its gaming suite. The new multiplayer lottery-like Keno game will be made available to its various partners.

Pretty Straightforward Game

The software developer’s studio holds a keno machine certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This allows for the licensed and fair gaming experience.

Also, according to the company, Keno may find wide appeal among players who enjoy quick games of chance. 

“Keno makes an excellent revenue booster with a high house edge and RTP,” the firm added.

The new live Keno is a simple multiplayer game in which a new round is every 3 minutes. The game has various betting options and entertaining variations within the games. These are:

  • Guessing the odd/even, first/second balls
  • Betting on the sum of the lottery balls
  • Color betting
  • Guessing whether a number is higher or lower from the offered market
  • Betting both on the value and the color of the ball
  • Betting on the order of the balls, etc

Focus on Live Casino

Like we mentioned previously, BetConstruct’s Keno is full of sub-games and has interesting features.

Players will have access to a history table, automatic pick based on a random generator, and flexible bet bar. Moreover, the game is available in up to 10 languages and for local/global networks.

In addition to the brand new live Keno game, Betconstruct has also recently launched Casino Hold’em. The game is favored by the players who are in for a long strategic poker-like game. Both installments are already available among BetConstruct’s partners.

The London-headquartered BetConstruct has also recently announced the expansion of its studio located in Armenia. The company is doing this in an effort to help its partners offset both the revenue loss due to the pandemic.

The renovation will include 200 more gaming tables and their content will be accessible in multiple languages.