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How to Play: Live Andar Bahar Strategy

Live Andar Bahar Strategy

If you choose to believe that Andar Bahar is a game of skill, that’s your decision. But most seasoned players will readily admit that the popular Indian card game also known as Katti is, indeed, a game of chance. However, some ways of playing it are better than others, and that's what our Andar Bahar strategy guide is all about.

It is nearly impossible to compose any kind of strategy that may improve your play to the point of stacking wins left and right. Left and right – see what we did there?

Jokes aside, there are some actions you can take on to secure your bankroll and try to lose as few times as possible.

All of this, and more, is explained in detail in our basic Andar Bahar tutorial. This article will lean more into the concept of Andar Bahar strategy and whether you can improve your long-term winnings.


Unless you have a magic crystal ball that can help you with the predictions, there’s not much else you can do to become an Andar Bahar champion.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Common Misconceptions



    Strategy Tips for Side Bets

    Playing Live Andar Bahar Online

    Don’t burden yourself too much with strategies, tips and tricks and enjoy the possibility of playing this amazing Indian game against a live dealer from the comfort of your home.

    In the end, randomness will decide the outcome of each round and you can choose to feel blue about it or accept the challenge and go over the next round with confidence and enthusiasm. In live Andar Bahar the dealer is a real human who is dealing the cards and you can see everything via full HD stream technology. You can chat with the croupier and other players and use the interface mainly to place bets.

    With 50/50 odds on the table, playing Andar Bahar it’s like flipping a coin. However, with the proper strategy, you can decrease the house edge in Andar Bahar ever so slightly. Or, in the case of the side bet, more than slightly.

    If you want to find the best live casinos to play Andar Bahar for real money, here is a couple of recommendations:



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    Not really. You can improve your choices by making bets with the lowest house advantage, as described above. However, your chances of winning a round largely remain around 50% in every round.

    • What is the RTP of Andar Bahar?

    Andar Bahar has an optimal RTP of 97.85%. By optimal, we’re referring to the best bet in the game, which depends on whether Andar or Bahar draws the first card. The side that draws second has an RTP of 97%.

    • Is there an Andar Bahar algorithm to determine strategy?

    No, simply because Andar Bahar is almost exclusively a game of chance. The only way in which a card counting algorithm would help is to determine the likelihood of the round ending on the next draw – which is completely useless information because any Andar Bahar bets are already made and confirmed at this point.

    • What is the best bet in Andar Bahar?

    Betting on whichever side draws the first card is the best move in Andar Bahar. That side has a 51.5% chance of winning, so it’s worth making even though it offers a reduced payout with 0.9:1. The ratio of the probability of winning vs. the payout is better than the other bet in all cases.


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