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Basic Strategy Tips When Playing Live Andar Bahar

If you choose to believe that Andar Bahar is a game of skill, that’s your decision. But most seasoned players will readily admit that the popular Indian card game also known as Katti is, indeed, a game of chance. That being said, it is nearly impossible to compose any kind of strategy that may improve your play to the point of stacking wins left and right. Left and right – see what we did there?  Jokes aside, there are some actions you can take on to secure your bankroll and try to lose as fewer times as possible. Unless you have a magic crystal ball, a working one, that can help you with the predictions, there’s not much else you can do to become an Andar Bahar champion.

Common Misconceptions

Some will recommend you to go straight to the side bets if you want to hold the high ground in a game of Andar Bahar. While side bets can bring you additional excitement and a solid payout here and there, exploiting this possibility will likely drag you to the brink of spending your entire bankroll. The traditional game does not feature any side bets, and that immediately plants a seed of suspicion – why would game developers include such extra features if not to entice you to bet more and take the risk of losing more? Yes, side bets are innovative and they add elements of thrill and anticipation to the gameplay, but they are not the best approach if you wish to persevere in the game longer than a few rounds.

How about card counting? No. You can’t use your card counting skills to beat a game of live Andar Bahar. Well, you can try but that would be rather difficult, as the rounds are super-fast and there is no statistical support that could help you in this endeavor. While games like Ezugi Andar Bahar feature stats for the history of hand wins and the percentages of wins for both Andar and Bahar, these are simply neat pieces of information that may or may not indicate anything truly important for your next bet. The number of dealt cards in each round, however, would be a useful stat, yet it is not on display.

Strategy Tips for Side Bets

When you do decide to try your luck with Andar Bahar side bets, there are some points you could consider. Before we give and guidelines, we need to emphasize once more that predicting how many cards will be dealt before the match is made is extremely difficult. The winning card may be the very first one, or the 16th one, or the 31st. There is no way of knowing. It’s what makes such a simple game so intriguing.

When the game card is drawn at the beginning of the round, there are 51 cards left, with three possible match cards somewhere in there. With each new card dealt, the probabilities of landing the matching card increase. In other words, the more cards already drawn, the more likely for the next one to be a match. The game will offer you to bet on an early range of numbers, as well as mid and long ranges, so it is advisable to pick the middle range for a solid return and reasonable risk rate.

Playing Live Andar Bahar Online

Don’t burden yourself too much with strategies, tips and tricks and enjoy the possibility of playing this amazing Indian game against a live dealer from the comfort of your home. In the end, randomness will decide the outcome of each round and you can choose to feel blue about it or accept the challenge and go over the next round with confidence and enthusiasm. In live Andar Bahar the dealer is a real human who is dealing the cards and you can see everything via full HD stream technology. You can chat with the croupier and other players and use the interface mainly to place bets. With 50/50 odds on the table, playing Andar Bahar it’s like flipping a coin. Introducing any “strategy” is merely shaking things up a little for fun.