Reasons why live dealer tables have higher limits.

In the casino world it’s common to find games and tables with different betting limits; those featuring lower ones fit the needs of recreational players with smaller bankrolls, while high-limit games appeal to high-rollers who bring some serious cash to the table and hope to score big wins. Both land-based and online casinos provide different range of bets, but what you might have also noticed is that the maximum bet limits tend to go much higher in the physical world than on the online scene. There are a few reasons why this happens.

Difference in Fixed Costs

When you’re playing a table game online, it’s you against the computer. Theoretically, the casino doesn’t need to have a single human being employed in order to be able to serve you. They have no need for a physical location to place the table in, no cleaners to vacuum the place after clients leave and before they come back, no electricity bills to settle… You get the message, right? These are costs live casinos do have to deal with, and since live gaming costs more money to operate, for them it’s not feasible to allow particularly small bets.

Casino Insurance

Table limits work like casino insurance, basically protecting them from going bankrupt. They are used to ensure players can’t make bets bigger than what the casino would be able to pay without going broke. Live tables normally accommodate a limited number of gamers whose bets the casino can support even when amounts won are high. Now imagine the same limits provided by an online casino on a non-live game. Theoretically, hundreds of thousands of high rollers might opt to play high limit table game at the same time and get lucky to win huge amounts. Would the casino’s financials allow them to pay the winners? If not, they would be in breach of their operating license, as “a licensee is obligated to have adequate financing available to pay all current and estimated obligations at all times”. A gambling site can’t predict nor control the number of players who’ll sign up and play for big bucks at any moment in time. Hence – lower betting limits.

Pace of Play

Live games are inevitably slower than online table games, since you have to wait for the dealer to deal out the cards or spin the wheel, and for each of the other players to make their move. If you’d compare the total value of bets made per hour, you’ll find that many online casinos let you to wager a comparable amount of money. So while you may not be able to match the size of individual stakes, you might get to invest the same total amount per gaming session.

High Rollers Prefer Land-Based Casinos

Is it the VIP treatment and complimentary gifts testifying to their status, such as limousine provided for their transport, private jets bringing them to the location, accommodation in the best suits a hotel can offer? Or do the high rollers enjoy admiring looks of their fellow players who’d never have the guts to stake hundreds of thousands on a single game round? Whatever the case, it seems that gamers who are able and willing to spend more on a gambling experience tend to choose land-based casinos over online ones. The fact is high rollers provide an important contribution to the prestige of any brick-and-mortar casino. That’s why many of these gaming establishments go out of their way and spend tons of money to draw the big spenders in. And if you manage to bring in a player willing to bet 6-figure amounts without blink of an eye, or even pay a million simply to enter, you’ve got to make sure they can.