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The Live Casinos strategy blog contains everything you’ll need to have a successful online gambling career. Get the most out of the experience with our guides on how to win live roulette or how to beat online blackjack. This part of the blog contains betting strategies, staking plans, optimal blackjack strategies, card counting guides, and more. The best online gambling strategies covering various games, all conveniently found in one place.


Sweet Bonanza Candyland Stats, Trackers, and Strategy

Sweet Bonanza Candyland trackers claim to provide hard data that can help you get the most out of this acclaimed Pragmatic Play live casino game. The more ambitious ones supposedly even predict when the bonus rounds will hit. Can Sweet Bonanza Candyland stats actually offer a viable strategy, or is it all a wild goose chase? Let’s find out. A Sweet Bonanza Candyland strategy has to account for the fact that the game is completely based on chance. That said, carefully considering how the game ...


Monopoly Live Stats – Results, Statistics, and Winning Strategies

Monopoly Live stats can offer valuable insight into the probabilities, profits, and usefulness of every bet available in the game. Stats trackers in particular can be used for a winning Monopoly Live strategy, but you need to know how they work. For starters, statistics and trackers cannot be used to predict the outcomes of future rounds. The results are always random, and players have no direct way of influencing or knowing them beforehand.So how are Monopoly Live statistics useful, and ca...


Top 6 Common Roulette Mistakes – What Not to Do and Win More Reliably

Thousands of new players are drawn to roulette every year, and the seemingly simple game remains as popular as ever. However, many beginners seem to make the same old mistakes we've been seeing for decades. A great way to win more with roulette is to start by correcting these mistakes - and we're here to help you with that. Before we dive into the most common mistakes players make while playing roulette, we'll make a few disclaimers. This article assumes you already know how to play roulette an...


Monopoly Big Baller Strategy Guide – Stats, Results, and Probability

Monopoly Big Baller is an exciting live casino game that combines bingo with game show presenters, AR visuals, and fun bonuses. However, many bettors are still not clear about Monopoly Big Baller stats, how they work, and whether they can help you win. In this article, we'll discuss the basic statistics of Monopoly Big Baller through an in-depth guide to how the game works. We'll also focus on practical Monopoly Big Baller strategies to win, and whether there can even be a strategy in a game li...


Video Poker Live Strategy Guide – Rules, Stats, and RTP Explained

Evolution Video Poker Live has hit the web, and it's as good as we expected. It's also a completely new concept in the live casino landscape, leaving many players to look for a viable Video Poker Live strategy. If this applies to you, our guide can help you out. The game allows all players to choose between 5 different variations of the rules. The gameplay is largely the same, but each variant offers different payouts for different outcomes. That's why the best Video Poker Live strategy depends...


American vs European Roulette – How are They Different, and Which is Better?

Roulette is a mainstay at pretty much every casino in the world, online or otherwise. However, two main varieties of this classic game can be found throughout the industry - European and American. While identical in most respects, the two types of roulette hold some subtle but crucial differences. If you're wondering how American and European roulette are different, check out the rest of this in-depth guide. We'll explain the differences between American and European roulette while also highlig...