There are two reasons any player gets into their favourite hobby.

First, because they want to have fun playing games where both luck and skill play a part. And second, because they want to feel the thrill of their luck rewarding them with cold, hard cash!

Is it any surprise, then, that a large number of punters have a strong attraction to playing their games high stakes? Everyone has at least one good story about betting big and winning even bigger! Carefully ride that volatile line, where one loss can have devastating consequences!

Because of that, you can’t leave anything to chance! If you choose to play high stakes, you will need to keep the following information in mind as you play. It won’t guarantee your victory, but it will hopefully ensure you don’t experience any painful wins.

What Does High Stakes Mean?

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page before we proceed with this guide. First and foremost, what qualifies as high stakes betting? The answer tends to vary depending on where you play, as well as your own budget. Betting $100 per round is obviously a high stake, but so is betting $1,000 or even more!

If you plan on playing live casino games with big sums like these, you will have to get searching! A large number of websites will not make the high limit tables apparent. They can often be lost among tables which are primarily geared for a more casual audience.

Beyond just checking if the table limits allow for high stakes play, make sure to double-check the table rules. If you’re going to be spending that much money on a single round of roulette, you want to make sure each wheel spin is as lucrative as humanly possible!

Apply a Good Strategy

Honestly, you should be using the best possible strategy, even if you aren’t playing high stakes. But if you decide to try your luck at the high roller tables, you have to master a good strategy for that particular game!

We must particularly stress being familiar with the basic 3 Card Poker strategy before you start playing. While you can maybe get away with a lack of experience in other releases, you cannot do so with poker. You must be familiar with every wager and its consequences before you commit to it.

Depending on the game you’re playing, you may also have access to side bets. As a general rule of thumb, you want to avoid these. Once again, it comes down to cost-effectiveness. When you have such large sums being played every round, you can’t afford to make wagers that dent your wallet.

Money Troubles

After you have your strategy sorted, the next thing you have to deal with is managing your spending. Proper money management is something you must not skip out on. Not when each loss has the chance of devastating your account balance!

First and foremost, establish how much you’re willing to lose for that particular session. Never go all-out with your funds. You will need some money to play and bounce back if you end up having rotten luck.

This is especially important if your high roller balance was achieved by betting, and not depositing. Skilled players can, over time, push themselves into the high roller level. It just goes to show how important luck and strategy are!

Every good casino has Responsible Gaming enabled. So please make use of the features it offers you! Few operators will allow you to limit how much you can spend on each spin. But you can set a limit on how much money you can deposit over each day, week and month.

So even if you feel tempted to top off after a bad round, the casino will block you from depositing. It’s a great way to prevent rash, heat-of-the-moment decisions that will lead you down the spiral of further losses. Desperation is the enemy of strategy. And as we already established, a good strategy is a crucial component for high roller play!

Make Use of Bonuses

If you plan on playing high stakes, you should only do so with a casino that has been proven trustworthy. Nobody wants to sink thousands of dollars into an operator, only to have their account shut down on shaky grounds.

Fortunately, gambling websites are a dime a dozen. It can lead to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Which casino should I pick? Which one best suits my needs? If you need any assistance choosing, our casino reviews are right here to help you!

Take a detailed look at all available casinos there. Most importantly, look at the promotions they offer you! As a high roller, you should pick bonuses which suit you best. Go for welcome deposit promotions which give you the best possible match and highest limits. But don’t forget to check the wagering requirements!

Of course, welcome bonuses aren’t the only promotions available in online casinos. The issue is that most websites tend to focus their bonuses on other games, not live dealer releases! This is something you can sort out by picking one of the gambling sites we listed in our casino reviews tab.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure the casino you’re signing up with has a good VIP program. Some operators will make the benefits of this reward scheme available to all players. But to extract the full benefits of any VIP program, you have to bet big. And massive wagers remain the sole domain of high rollers!

Are High Stakes for You?

Even if you can afford to play high stakes, that doesn’t automatically mean that you should. It comes with a lot of benefits, certainly! But there are flaws in going the high roller approach, too.

Any casino you go to will give you the royal treatment. If you’re willing to drop a couple of grand gambling every month, they will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied. Exclusive promotions, birthdays gifts, special VIP rewards! You name it, and they offer it.

But at the same time, high stakes play is quite nerve-wracking. When you bet such big sums every spin, you can’t help but dread the possibility of a losing streak. As a high roller, you always have to follow the strategy and play as perfectly as possible. Anything else is a huge risk to your bottom line.

Ultimately, whether high stakes is the right way to go is a question only you can answer. It has both its good sides and bad sides. If massive wins and a rock-star welcome outweigh the stress of always playing perfectly, then we’ll see you at the high roller table! If not, there’s no shame in sticking to regular, less anxiety-inducing punting.