Here at Live Casinos, our passion for live dealer gaming extends to all aspects of this corner of the iGaming industry. Among other things, we look at unique insights by industry insiders in the form of interviews and opinion pieces.

This time around, we have a special treat for all our readers. Anyone with any deeper interest in live dealer casinos surely came across today’s interviewee – the one and only Neil Walker from Live Casino Comparer.

Neil Walker has been a fan of casino card games for about three decades now. For the past 10 years or so, he has also worked as the owner and sole reviewer of the Live Casino Comparer website.

The web is packed with online casino and gambling game reviews, but Neil occupies a unique position in this scene. First of all, Neil was the first to truly focus on live dealer gaming. He has since become one of the leading names of this little corner of the online gambling community, and his opinions carry quite a bit of weight. He’s also a bit of an internet personality in live gambling circles, especially thanks to his game review videos.