Learn how to choose the best live poker tables.

Regardless of the budget or your gambling style (be it a high rolling daredevil who stares the losing streaks in the eyes and laughs at the face of bankruptcy or a methodical penny pincher who has every stage of the game pre-planned), there is one thing in common to all the poker players out there – they are in pursuit of the most profitable poker table, that will make all the strategy and invested money worthwhile. Selecting the perfect Live Poker table can be a challenging task, even if you are an experienced player with your poker face on point, let alone if you are only a freshman with limited knowledge of the game and its variants.

There are however a few tricks to selecting the optimal Live Poker table; it all starts with defining your primary goal and your gaming abilities as well as determining your budget. And remember, the winner doesn't always have to be the best player at the table. Sometimes, no more than a reasonable choice and a cool head can make all the difference.

Rule Number One – Go Fish

Very simple rule – you are looking for the Live Poker table with the least experienced bunch that the fate has mysteriously put together. These are extremely impulsive players, who make hasty decisions, hoping (against all odds) to hit the big win on a flop, river or turn.

One way to find a table with plenty of fish (the type of players mentioned above) is to simply watch and learn. It will not be long before you start seeing patterns and target the crowd you would like as your poker rivals. Luckily for us, there are plenty of Live Casinos that allow non-betting players to spend some time at the table and peak at other people's bets – quite sufficient for you to gather all the info that you need and to learn a little bit about the psychological profile of your fellow poker enthusiasts.

Rule Number Two – Look at the Potential Profit and Statistics

Not much point wasting your time at the table where the payout potential is low. Therefore, stage number two of selecting the best playing spot is to see if the stacks are deep enough to be worth your time.

Each table comes with the game statistics that you simply must be able to read before you take a seat and start wagering. What you will be most interested in are the Player-Flop statistics, or the actual percentage of the players who can see the Flop and consequently, the number of fish players who do not know when to fold, which is exactly what we are after. On the other hand, the lower Player-Flop percentage rate would indicate more skilful players and can be your cue to move on.

Rule Number Three – Musical Chairs

If there is a possibility of choosing a seat, veteran Poker Players recommend that you go for the one located to the left of the more aggressive players, as you will want the advantage of studying their behaviour and their reaction to your entering the pot. This will, of course, be relative to the table itself and you will want all the pieces of the puzzle to be perfectly put together. The seat is just a cherry on the top of the icing. Reading into the player's overall behaviour is a skill that develops over time and takes a lot of practice, which is why it is best to stay focused on your own skills at first. Once you are fully confident in what you are doing, you can start a psychological war between you and other opponents.