Looking to play live casino games on mobile in 2024 but don’t know where to start looking? You’re not alone. Live dealer games have been growing in both quantity and quality, and mobile gaming is no exception. However, this leaves users with a very saturated market that constantly keeps changing. This is especially true if you’re not too familiar with the various casino software providers.

To help you find the right games to fit your budget and tastes, we’ve created this list of the best providers of live dealer casino games on mobile.

Mobile Live Casinos – What to Expect?

Industry research indicates that almost half of online casino players prefer mobile devices to desktop. This number seems to grow year by year, and software companies are very aware of the trend. More importantly, this isn’t exactly news to anyone who’s been keeping up. Mobile live dealer games are the future, and ignoring that fact would leave a gambling company unable to compete.

But what does this mean for us, the players? Well, first of all, there are no longer live casinos or games designed specifically for mobile users. Or desktop users, for that matter. You would be hard-pressed to find a top live table casino game that can’t be played on mobile. All modern games pretty much have to be optimized for the smaller screens and touch-screen controls of a smartphone or tablet. Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems goes without saying.

So does that mean that that the best mobile casino games are simply the best overall titles, regardless of the platform? Yes and no. On one hand, a well-designed and crafted game will be great regardless of the device you’re using. You can refer to our live casino game reviews for more on that. However, it’s definitely noticeable when a developer builds a product with mobile users in mind from the get-go. On the flip side, if they just but mobile compatibility in as an after-thought, the overall experience suffers.

Simply put, some software providers treat mobile casino gaming as a priority, and it shows. With that in mind, here are some of the best developers from the perspective of a mobile casino player.

List of Top Live Casino Companies for Mobile

Note that the companies are listed in no particular order. If one of the entries seems interesting to you, you can find more information and their full portfolio by clicking on the listing. Once there, LiveCasinos.com will help you find the best online casinos to play games live on mobile. For that specific game-maker, at least.

1. Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming may not (yet) have the brand recognition of some of its biggest competitors. However, that doesn’t mean they’re rookies in the industry. They’ve been in business since 2009. Somewhere along the line, they decided they’ll need something to stand out from the crowd. Live gambling on phones became that ‘something’, and it was a fairly wise decision.

When it comes to their portfolio, Vivo generally sticks to the classics. Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat are their most successful releases. That said, the company does occasionally innovate in interesting ways. For example, they made a live casino Craps game way before Evolution did – though maybe not as successfully.

Either way, if a classic live dealer casino on mobile experience is what you’re looking for, look no further.

2. BetGames.TV

On the other side of the spectrum, live casino BetGames products can be described as anything but ‘classic.’ Bet on Baccarat is the closest thing they have to a typical live dealer game, and even that has a twist. Titles like the BetGames Lucky 6 are captivating to thousands of players worldwide.

As interesting as the portfolio is, however, it’s not why this developer ended up on this list. The innovative BetGames.TV live casino platform is what also separates them from the crowd. Essentially, once you open one of their games, you have quick and easy access to the full roster. Messing with lobbies and digging through dozens of titles to find the one you want is a thing of the past. Just tap one of the titles at the top of the screen, and you’ll instantly see the broadcast you’re interested in.

The game lobbies casinos make are often lacking and especially irritating to deal with on mobile. The fact that you can play BetGames live with such ease is a great advantage, and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

3. Authentic Gaming

As a relatively young live casino provider, Authentic Gaming was likely the first company to proudly declare itself as mobile-first. With their top-notch interface and a huge variety of live casino tables, Authentic games spread through the industry like wildfire. These days, you can find them on some of the best mobile live casinos on the planet.

So what does this focus on the mobile gaming experience offer to the player? Well, the video stream is always a full HD broadcast with no compromises in terms of quality. Relying on touch-screen commands as a core part of the experience makes Authentic Gaming titles feel like no other. Live Roulette is Authentic’s specialty, with dozens of OTT options and variants.

If you want to play live roulette on mobile, Authentic Gaming is the way to go. The biggest issue is deciding which table to play at – all of them are definitely worth a shot.

4. Ezugi

According to most stats, Asia remains the biggest market for mobile casino gaming. Importantly, this also includes India, as the best Indian live casinos rely heavily on mobile play. This is where a diverse game portfolio becomes critically important. Games like Live Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo are not always offered even by the best software providers.

Well, Ezugi hosts them all. From Live Teen Patti to unique experiences like 32 Cards, Ezugi’s is easily one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the market today. Almost all top live casinos in 2024 host Ezugi games as well, leaving you with plenty of options in terms of casino sites.

Ezugi is also easily the biggest and most well-known provider on this list. Put bluntly, you can’t go wrong with Ezugi, and they’re almost always a safe, smart option.


Bear in mind that this list is by no means complete. We could call providers like Evolution and Playtech honorable mentions, but they seem like very obvious picks. Besides, while all providers offer mobile options, we’d hardly call this area a focus for such huge companies. The developers on this list are licensed, legal, and safe live casino operators that are sure to bring your mobile casino gaming experience to the next level.