SA Gaming, one of the leading Asia-facing live casino software providers, has introduced a new game mode to their Live Andar Bahar tables. The brand-new No Commission button allows players to take 1:1 payouts on both Andar and Bahar bets.

This is the first time players will have a chance to play Andar Bahar live with such a payout system.

No Commission Andar Bahar

To the uninitiated, one bet in Andar always has a statistical advantage – the side that draws the first card after the Joker. In most examples of live casino Andar Bahar, Andar draws first.

To counter this, most live Andar Bahr games employ a 5% commission on all winning Andar bets. This means that Andar bets pay 0.95:1 while Bahar pays 1:1. If you need more information about how Andar Bahar works and how to play it live online, check out our tutorial.

The newly-introduced No Commission mode on SA Gaming Andar Bahar tables eliminates this issue by introducing a new game mode. Players can now effortlessly switch between the two game modes and pick the rules that suit them best.

Other Updates

The table has also been upgraded with a trio of new side bets, further spicing them up. The new wagering options include:

  • 1st Andar – Only wins if Andar wins through the first card drawn on its pile
  • 1st Bahar – Only wins if Bahar wins through the first card drawn on its pile
  • First Three –  Wins by making simple 3-card poker hands by combining the Joker and first two drawn cards. Similar to the 21+3 side bet in Blackjack

This brings the grand total of Andar Bahar side bets available with SA Gaming to 10, with a whopping maximum payout of 800x.

If you want to find out more about SA Gaming's live casino games and where to play them, check out this page.

If you're interested in playing Andar Bahar online, you can find all the information you'll need on our main Andar Bahar page.