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Basic Strategy Tips When Playing Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger StrategyMany players who enter an online casino will be thrilled with the offering of table and card games. To make things more exciting and realistic for these players, leading software providers are offering live dealer games, which replicate what one would enjoy at a land based casino. One of these games is Dragon Tiger, a popular Asian gambling game that is played with multiple decks of cards. With this game, players do not play against the dealer. Like Baccarat, they will choose which hand, the Dragon or Tiger, will receive the highest ranking card. However, as opposed to Baccarat, only a single card is dealt to each spot and no additional cards are ever drawn during the game.

Knowing How to Place Bets

This is one of the most simplistic games, but that does not mean that players can overlook the betting process when choosing a live dealer Dragon Tiger game. With this game, a wager is placed on either spot, Dragon or Tiger. The dealer will then place the cards on the table face up. The highest ranking card will win, but there are two rules in the game that play an important role. Forts, all aces are low cards. Second, no matter where the player has placed a bet, tie hands will allow the house to take half of each wager. The live dealer casino would have no edge if it didn’t take money from a tie. With over 86,000 possible outcomes for every hand, more than 6,000 result in a tie, giving the house an edge of 3.73%.

Using Strategies

There are very few strategies that can be used when playing this game in a live dealer casino. However, some players may find that counting cards can be beneficial to determine how many low or high cards are left in the deck. This will allow players to choose their bets wisely and increase their chances of placing a winning bet. It may also be easier for players to keep track of suits since there are only four. This is beneficial when placing a suit bet, which is a side bet in the game. With this bet, one will bet on which suit will be drawn and the payout is 3:1 for a correct bet. Any player that is placing this type of bet should always keep track of suits that have been played in the game up to this point. However, always remember that he game is often played with 8 decks and will be shuffled after the fourth deck is used.

Other Betting Options

To increase the chances of winning, there are other bets that can be placed in the game aside from the Dragon, Tiger, tie and Suit bets. There are also Big and Small bets. With these, one will wager on whether a certain card will be Big, meaning it is over 7, or Small, under seven. With this wager, the casino does have a house edge of 7.69%, so it is not always the best option.

By knowing all the available bets, players can easily get involved in a game of live dealer Dragon Tiger and enjoy the fast paced game that required very little knowledge or skill.

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