The features that make Three Card Poker popular
Three Card Poker is easy to learn and offers multiple betting options. Image: Evolution Gaming

Three Card Poker is one of the youngest casino games. It was created in 1994 by Derek Webb and patented three years later. While the journey of establishing of the game was long and tiresome for its inventor, players can today enjoy it wherever they are. It is available on desktop and mobile devices in the RNG-operated and live dealer version. Actually, this is one of the most popular Poker variants today due to its easy rules and an opportunity for players to hit some big wins. Let’s see how such a new game attracts so many players around the world.

Easy to Learn

This is probably the main reason why Three Card Poker is highly popular with gamblers. It is based on three cards and the main goal is to create the best poker hand with them. The game starts with the player placing an Ante bet. Optional bets are also available and we will discuss them later in the text. Once a bet is placed, three cards are dealt face-down to the player and the dealer. This is a card game in which you play against the dealer and not against other players, so your cards will be compared with the dealer’s hand.

The Play bet which is of the same amount as your Ante bet becomes available after the first three cards are dealt. It is recommended to play this bet on all hands better than a Queen, Six and Four. Otherwise, the player should fold. In this case, the dealer wins. The dealer must have a Queen-high to play. In case the dealer’s hand is Jack-high or worse, the player gets the Play bet back. When the dealer’s hand is Queen-high or better, but the player has a better hand, the player wins the Ante and Play bet at 1:1.

Side Bets

While the winnings you can gain when playing the Ante bet may not seem attractive enough, Three Card offers a couple of side bets that can add more excitement to the gameplay while providing you with a chance to win big. A Straight Flush is the most lucrative hand and it pays an Ante bonus of 5:1. When playing the Ante bet, you can win 4:1 with a Three of a Kind hand while a Straight pays 1:1.

Now, you can play a Pair Plus side bet where your objective is to create a hand of a pair or better. With this side bet, you can win even if the dealer’s hand is better. In the game powered by Evolution Gaming, you can win up to 100:1 on the Pair Plus bet.

Another optional side bet is a Six Card Bonus bet. When opting for this bet, the player’s should make the best five-card poker hand by combining their three cards and the dealer’s three cards. Again, the player can win irrespective of the dealer’s hand by creating a Three of a Kind hand or better. The Six Card Bonus bet pays up to 1,000:1.

Fast-Paced Game with Low House Edge

Three Card Poker is a fast-paced game which can provide you with exciting gaming experience, especially when you play its live casino version. On average, 70 hands are played per hour, so you must be focused on the gameplay. Another feature that makes the game popular is a low house edge standing at 2.2%. Since it is easy to learn, by applying a proper strategy, you can get an advantage over the casino and win big in the long run.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, Three Card Poker is an exciting table game that offers you multiple betting options and opportunities to win. When it comes to the live casino version of the game, you can check out the one powered by Evolution Gaming, Live 3 Card Poker, or Live 3 Card Brag powered by Playtech. If you are new to this game, start practicing it in the free-play mode and once you hone your skills, apply the strategy and beat the casino.