Learn more about the technology behind live dealer games.

In order to remain competitive and meet the challenging demands of a modern online gambler, more and more online casinos start including Live Dealer games in their offer. Due to the technological requirements of software integration and maintenance, not all operators make the transition from the regular offer to Live Tables stream. The criteria for Live Dealer games are much higher than with other categories and every detail counts – from lightning to the functionality.

The end result is the authentic surroundings and highly responsive software, with a professional and communicative dealer – this is at least what the players can see on their end.  In reality, the technology behind the Live Dealer games is a complex infrastructure where every element is equally important in creating a genuine land based casino environment.

Part of the Live Dealer casino games that you do not see

Behind the smiling dealer and luxurious background, an entire machinery stands hidden from the player, enabling flawless gameplay and ensuring the game transparency. The crucial part of equipment are of course the cameras, usually the latest and the most sophisticated models, covering every nook and cranny of the table and the wheel.

In order to provide an optimal experience, the optical camera recognition technology is employed by the developers. The OCR technology converts every single piece of information into an electronic format, which is then presented to the players as a series of actions  – card shuffling, wheel spinning, hand dealing – completely capturing an actual land based casino session.

Together with the cameras, a crucial component of Live Dealer Technology is GCU or a Game Control Unit attached to the live table, with the purpose of encoding the game information and providing virtual support to the dealer in running the game.

Another piece of equipment indispensable for dealers is the Monitor. In order for the dealers to do their job in a professional and friendly manner, they will always need to keep an eye on the screen, which displays the latest information about the number of players who joined the table and gives the dealer a clear image of what the players can see on their screen at any given moment.

The Live Dealer games studios

The portion of Live Dealer games that makes the first impression and further engages the player is the actual Live studio. Although there are a lot of online casinos which broadcast the action from land based venues and popular resorts, streaming Live Tables from a studio is preferred by both the operator and the players, for several reasons. The dealers can focus on the online visitors and communicate with each of the players individually – something that is next to impossible inside the melting pot of the brick and mortar casino.

The top live casino software providers station their studios worldwide, and some of the hottest tables are streamed live 24/7 from various parts of Europe or Canada. The studios (at least ones provided by the gambling industry software-provider moguls) are packed with a state of the art equipment and have a glamorous enterier, worthy of the most exclusive gambling resorts.

IM software and game controls

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a Live Dealer game that does not feature IM system, establishing a communication channel between the players and the dealer. The Live Chat feature is an in-game tool that can be used both for leisurely conversations or game related inquires. The functionality of the platform is additionally enhanced by the integrated game console which allows the player to interact with the game using the advantages of digital and touch technology  – all in accordance to the latest tech trends.

The network of components required for a Live Dealer game to be designed and set up is extremely complicated and entails a highly sophisticated structure of knowledge and technology – which is precisely why Live Dealer games can be viewed as a casino’s calling card. The quality of the Live Dealer software is, therefore, an important indicator of the casino’s reputability and can convert an observer into a player in a matter of seconds.