Live Football Studio offers the Top Card game in a dedicated environment.
Live Football Studio offers the Top Card game in a dedicated environment. Image: Evolution Gaming

One of the latest additions to live casinos powered by Evolution Gaming is Live Football Studio, a live dealer game launched on the day the World Cup 2018 started. This is a card game obviously created with football fans in mind and the good news is that it is here to stay as you can still join Football Studio tables and enjoy match commentaries as you play it.

Game Rules

Live Football Studio is a card game with simple rules. It starts by placing bets on a Home Win, Away Win or a Draw. When you have placed your bets, the dealer deals two face-up cards. One of them is dealt on the Home while other is placed on the Away betting position. The winning position is the one with a higher card and if you have placed your bet on this one, you win.

When it comes to card rankings, an Ace is the card of the top ranking while the rest cards are worth their natural values, which means that there are no special values assigned to cards that you should remember. A King is higher than a Queen and so on with a deuce being the card of the lowest ranking. The suit of a card is of no importance here, so all you should hope for is to get a more valuable card placed on the position you have bet on.

If you have placed your bet on the Home or Away betting position and you win, you will be paid 1:1. If you bet on Draw and two cards of the same ranking are dealt, you will win an 11:1 payout. This is the riskiest and the most lucrative bet at the same time.

Why Play Football Studio?

The Evolution Gaming product definitely targets football fans with a dedicated environment and a football pitch-style table. It is positioned in front of an animated video screen which adds to the overall atmosphere at the table. At the time of the World Cup, players could enjoy the commentaries of the matches while the playing interface offered the history of match results and details about the match that was played at the moment. Since the game is not very demanding and there is practically no strategy you can apply, players can enjoy their favourite sports, try their luck and win if they are lucky enough.

The outcome of a football match does not affect the outcome of the game you play. It’s all about the rankings of two cards with the higher one winning. You win in this game provided the winning card lands on the position you have placed your bet on. This is a fast-paced casino game hosted by the real-life dealer and if you like an immersive gaming experience this form of entertainment provides players with, join one of the Live Football Studio tables and place your bet. The good news is that you can play the game without leaving the comfort of your home on your desktop or on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Closing Thoughts

Based on the Top Card game, Football Studio is a game of pure luck. Although there is no optimal strategy to beat the dealer, you can always apply the basic casino strategy and keep an eye on your bankroll with the win and loss limits set. Another thing you should pay attention to is betting on the Draw as the prize it pays may be tempting, but comes with the least odds of winning.

The game is available in real money mode only and it comes with an RTP of 96.27%. Some casinos offer promotions like giving you risk-free bets thus combining a live casino experience with sports betting. If you think that of all unimportant things football is the most important, give Live Football Studio a try.