Unfair treatment of women becoming a problem in live dealer casinos.

Even with a seemingly assimilated and adopted set of social norms that prevent us from openly objectifying and discriminating anyone who isn't us, there are still industries that base their business models on exploiting weaknesses and ignorance of the society. While female sexuality as a means of promoting and selling a product is present everywhere (without any actual justification), gambling industry seems to have only begun to explore sex as a selling tool with the expansion and evolution of live casino offer.

Starting as a predominantly male environment, the online and live casino operators have made a leap of faith from a testosterone fuelled boys-only club to a club for boys, without the slightest consideration for even the most basic decency and regard for their female clients. With the ethical aspect of such business management remaining the most important factor in fighting against any type of discrimination, we must also ask ourselves the following question: what are the rational reasons for selling a body instead of the service?

Is There a Need for Sex in the Casino industry – Business Wise?

Let us make one thing perfectly clear – the need does not justify the means. Even if the gambling industry is on the verge of collapsing without an attractive female form to promote it, I would say: let it collapse. However, since humanity and civility is not always linked to business management, let us take a different approach and ask – does sexual content even work?

Judging by a number of live dealer casino operators, not only is there room for sexually explicit content at the live dealer tables (or any other game for that matter), it is preferable or, in some cases, essential. The extent to which the operators are willing to go in order to attract and preserve the male clientele is downright absurd and insulting – not to mention perfectly unnecessary, as pornographic content is nowadays easily accessible.

What they do not seem to realize is that the erotic concept they employ to raise an interest has an entirely different effect. Although there is a certain portion of players who will be intrigued by a female dealer's cleavage, the sensation is soon to wear off and make way for the truly important elements – expertise and professionalism of the dealers, interface, features, authenticity, stream, video quality…

Professionally speaking, without being emotionally involved as a human being who is witnessing an uncalled for humiliation of an entire group, how wise is to objectify a female and degrade a profession in order to sell?

Does sex sell?

Raising the awareness of sexual exploitation and the stigma attached to such behaviour in the modern world are slowly, rightfully and effectively labelling sexism as a form of forbidden and unacceptable behavioural pattern. Reflecting on some recent events (banned Gambling Star ad, depicting two men seduced by an attractive woman and coerced into gambling by what is described as a highly suggestive interaction), we can see that there are consequences and a price to pay for going overboard. Fact of the matter is: there is no excuse for sexism anywhere in the modern world and live dealer tables are no exception. Male and female players deserve the same level of respect and the money they spend at the live tables is equally good.  In other words, if you take pleasure in  sexually overt female bunnies spinning a wheel or dealing you your hand, live dealer table (or any type of public place for that matter) is not the most suited environment for you.